The story is not divided into chapters, but instead in what I call parts.

Each post is a part, but some posts from a single part (as in, it presents what you might call a chapter) however those too are separated.

Each part has its own name.

This is a list with JUST the story parts, I highly recommend you to go instead to “the story so far” page and follow those instructions instead (which basically are: read the whole blog).


the girl who came back [story part 1]
the girl who came back [story part 2]
questions which should not have answers. [story part 3]
lux aeterna [story part 4]
when the moon has a ring… [story part 5]
no good deed goes unpunished [story part 6]
know who you are before trying to know others [story part 7]
your blood is mine – its my lifeline [story part 8]
respect the elders [story part 9]
both sides of the same coin [story part 10]
when history repeats itself [story part 11]
all downhill from here [story part 12]
and as she stood there lying, the world seemed colorless and… [story part 13]
…and the hourglass of time started slowing down. [story part 14]
…befriend a lost friend. [story part 15]

To be continued.

P.S – I really, really think you’re making a grave mistake skipping the explanation posts that link the story parts between them.

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