and as she stood there lying, the world seemed colorless and soundless for a minute… [story part 13]

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There was no sound, not like in the movies where you hear that metallic sound every time this happens. No. The silence was incomprehensible. It was an eerie silence, and a weight that seemed like a ton fell to my shoulders. My ears shut down. My mouth opened, my heart stopped beating and my lungs stopped working. I was in shock.

Blanche fell on the floor like a puppet, blood covering instantly the whole floor. Sophia still fainted, Viktor horrified out of his skull, too afraid to leave the living room, hid under a table and started sobbing.

I instantly threw myself at Regina – that was the moment I realized it was all my fault and I couldn’t care less if she killed me too – and I tried to take her knife and just jab it in her eyes.

I failed miserably. She shooed me with a hand just like you would shoo a fly and I tripped over Blanche’s now almost lifeless body and fell next to her.

I opened my eyes and Blanche was looking at me with eyes wide open, choking on her own blood, twitching still. With the life she still hand in her, she grabbed my hand and squeezed it. From that little gesture I understood so much.

I understood how Blanche said one simple thing: “I believe you. Remember what we talked. Do something!”
I understood right.

I raised my head up to Regina who, by know, realized what she had done and was starting to feel guilty I think. I wish at least.
Regina had realized she kind of overdone it – but the law was the law for her I think she calmed herself with that.
I think Regina realized that she had lost me too, by doing this.
I think Regina understood that killing everything which your mate holds dear will have serious consequences for her, something which with she was not accustomed to – consequences that is.

“Do it now.” I told Regina.
“She will die soon enough.” Regina said.

“NO! I didn’t mean help her die! I meant do something to save her!” I was screaming by now.
“I can’t. I won’t.” Regina said, and turned her back, cleaning her knife with a rag like she was dusting it off, completely normal.

“If you don’t turn her now, she’ll die.” That was obvious, although I needed to remind Regina, she didn’t seem to comprehend that. Oh but she did.

“I know.” she said, and smiled, falsely, but she did. I couldn’t have been more angry. I was now starting to understand the fourth part of being a vampire. There was being human, one. Being a vampire, two. Being in a frenzy state – black panther state – the hungry / aroused / angry state. That state where reason was out of the question for a vampire, three. And now it was this: being a monster, a ruthless serial killer who had no conscience and no remorse for ending a life, fourth.

“You will never have my blood again – even if I have to die to prevent it.” – now that felt heroic for me. I think that was actually the most heroic thing I had said in my life up until that point, even though I was a liar, I had no intention of ending my life, ever.

Regina looked at me, knelt down and over Blanche’s now not moving body, she looked into my eyes.

“Would you ever be able to look at me the same you did this morning?” – that was a though question, in a very bad moment. Or, to think of it – the best moment one could actually pick to get a very truthful answer.

“Would you ever be able to redeem yourself, in front of me?” – whatever that meant, I only wanted to make her shut up and just help Blanche.

She looked at me for a few seconds, looked through me actually. She was doing math in her head – that’s what she looked like to me. I can’t read her mind so that is the best description I can give you.

After a few seconds, she looked down at Blanche and with two fingers took blood straight from the wound. Regina put the bloody fingers in her mouth, looked like she was enjoy the flavor of a nice lemon pie.

Ten seconds later her eyes started going darker and darker again, the reddish tint was livelier than ever and her fangs started extending by the second.


She bit her wrist violently, several times, twisting it in her mouth, making a wound that would certainly kill a human being and would be very hard to close. She was making sure it took a while before it closed for her. I understood.

She took Blanche’s head with her left hand, tilted it up and shoved the bloody wrist in her mouth.
With her usually commanding tone that she had in such moments, she told Blanche to start swallowing.

“Drink!” – Regina said to no result. Blanche was not breathing anymore. Or at least that what it seemed like to me.
“You’re too late!” I told her in an accusing tone. I was angrier than what she did now, I was actually angrier that she had failed to save her because of too much chat.

Regina looked at me and then with the intensity and quickness of a black mamba she stuck her teeth into Blanche’s stomach, just to the left of the bellybutton, where the liver is. Her whole area was uncovered from the fall and from me trying to pull her up.

Blanche opened her eyes immediately and shrieked in pain. I knew what that meant, I had felt that exact pain just a night before. Regina was causing that intense pain on purpose, and now I knew she could inflict it to her own will, or she could deny it. She could also control it apparently, because Blanche surely felt more pain than me seeing her face. At least she was awake.

With that, Regina bit her wrist again and shoved it into Blanche’s mouth.

“Drink!” she said again. And with that, Blanche looked at me, with Regina’s hand in her mouth, searched my eyes for an answer, for approval. I knew she needed approval for what she was about to do, and I also knew she wouldn’t have done it if I would have said no at that time. That was Blanche, very independent, very sure of herself, trustworthy and happy, yet, every time, she looked at me for approval when there was a decision to be made. They all did.

I nodded and then added: “You will die otherwise.”

And she started swallowing.
She drank for maybe twenty seconds and then Regina took her wrist away.

“That’s enough.” she said, putting her hand in her mouth. She really enjoyed blood apparently, no matter whose it was.
I knew what that meant. I knew Blanche will be turned into an inferior rang vampire. I didn’t care. I just wanted to see her alive and well, and I was actually feeling, besides worried and scared out of my head, a bit giddy, for I was about to witness the miracle of resurrection in front of my eyes.

“By morning she will no longer be who you used to know. Get ready for it.” Regina said, looking at Viktor.

Then she turned her back to Blanche who was still in the same bad shape. I expected the miracle sooner, but apparently it took longer than I thought.

“Listen to me Blanche. You will become like me – a vampire. Do you understand that?” Regina said.
Blanche nodded slowly.

“Good. You have to accept it willingly. I cannot force you to become one.” – Yeah, right, at least not indirectly. She already killed her, this was the only option. In my book, that’s forcing.

Blanche said nothing.
Then Regina started the whole thing again. She repeated the exact same Latin words the blond guy (which by now I had identified as being that Karl) and Blanche looked into her eyes confused.

Then she started saying the exact same words in Romanian, perfect translation.
I now understood how it went: first original, in Latin, then the language of the one who is about to be turned.
At the end, Blanche, without hesitation, said: “I accept.”

Once again, Regina shoved her wrist in her Blanche’s mouth and urged her to drink. Blanche complied.
After another 5 seconds, it was done and as soon as Regina took her hand away, Blanche went unconscious.

“And as for them, they have to suffer the same fate.” – I surely hoped she didn’t mean death.
“NO! No more killing or turning! One tragedy is enough for a night.” I said.

“That’s what you think I am? A TRAGEDY?” Regina blurted out.

“Yes, you’re a tragedy, but not for what you are, but because for what you just did!” I repeated on the exact same tone she had used.
“Yes well I know this all seems a bit much, but you’ll understand soon enough.” – I really hoped that doesn’t meant me suffering the same fate as Blanche.

“Plus” she added “She still had about five minutes and twenty seconds to live so it wasn’t that close as to what you might think.”

“Oh so you can also see the future? How long do I have?” – I was being sarcastic.

“Don’t be an idiot. With a rate of 110 bmp and about 70mL/beat, she would transport 7.7 kg of blood per minute, and, with that same heartbeat, at a loss of 5mL / second due to her wound, she would have lost enough blood to survive, which would be around 1.6kg, in five minutes and twenty seconds.”

My mind was blown. I didn’t even want to know if she stopped to check her pulse or if it came natural to her, feeling the pulse of someone. In any case, that kind of math in that situation, although not so stressful for her, made it clear for me. Regina was much smarter than what I had given her credit for, and I wondered whether if she was smarter due to her knowledge that she got over the years, or due to her ability to heal. Did the latter affect her brain also? Making it run smoother, acquire connections faster, make synapses fire faster and more efficient and preventing neurons from dying? What about memories, did they ever fade away? I had a million questions.


Later on it turned out Regina had a deep understanding of like I mentioned in an earlier post, pretty much all of the important fields of human knowledge. She knew the night sky by heart with the names of each and every star and constellation, orbits, velocities, she had knowledge of advanced astrophysics, college grade mathematics, biology, chemistry and transmutations, she knew all the elements, what they combine with, how, reactions etc. She had medical knowledge from really old remedies to really new techniques. She had technological and engineering knowledge. She was prepared in philosophy, religion, politics and economics like an expert in each of those fields. She also had a very good knowledge in human psychology – that I understood. You have to know your prey.

Imagine a human Wikipedia with a Wolfram Alpha brain. She was that, and yet, despite all of our theories about how “the smarter you are the harder to socialize and integrate into society” she was still an interesting, happy, social human being, which made it clear that theories, of any sort, failed in her case. She was the smartest person I’ve known, and still managed to get surprised, amused and stay interested in… well, life itself.


“Wow.” – that was all I could say
“Plus, why would you call this a tragedy? She wanted it, who are you to say this is not evolution?” she said, interrupting my line of thought and shoving me into another.

She was right – because for all I could think and see – vampirism had no drawbacks, and only advantages. If you are thinking about blood drinking as a disadvantage, well, I beg to differ. For one, it’s more enjoyable as a vampire than a cake for a human apparently, and second, there are more humans in the world getting blood transfusions everyday, than there are vampires feeding. I failed to see the problem.

“Yes, you’re right, she did want it, but not like this!” – I said, having the tone from before.
“The problem with the other two still stands.” – she said plainly and rather tired of this whole situation.

“You know too well that I can’t let them live.” she continued.
“Why not?” – I was being annoying.

“It’s against the law.” – same bored tone.

“What law?” – I was being even more annoying.

“My law.” – no comment.

“Break it.” – I meant it.

“No.” – She meant it too.

“You have to.” – I was aware I won’t convince her by repeating the same thing.

“There’s only one thing I can do. I let them live on your account. If they even mention me once, in their thoughts, you will be the one to die for them, and them after you.” – figures. I hope you’ll end up needing a human being one day, see how that feels.

“Would you really do that?” – I didn’t want to know. Good enough, she just looked at me with no expression whatsoever, saying nothing. I couldn’t get any reading of a yes or no.

And then I realized that against all “evidence” that Regina was a monster, she wasn’t. Yes, she was powerful, but a monster? Depends on the view point.

Regina was neither bad nor evil, neither a demon nor an angel. She was a force of nature. A tidal wave of gigantic proportions. She had the power to take and give life, she was eternal and she knew it. She had the strength and knowledge of thousands of men and she knew how to use it. She had under her command legions of beings as power as she was, and she could use those too. She was both a god and a human in the same time. She managed to stay happy in sad situations, managed to keep herself interested in life over the centuries, when, some humans can’t even do that for twenty years and end up killing themselves. She was worthy of worship, not respect.

"In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer." - Albert Camus. For that is what Regina was.

She was a volcano, in all and every possible way. She was a taker of life, and yet she made it possible for others. She was icy on the surface and yet held warmth within. She could explode and eradicate all that was around her in mere seconds. Lightning and thunder rolled over and out of her eyes. Indeed, she was a volcano.

And then Viktoria stormed in the room with a big smile on her face.
Great. That was the last thing we needed, another hungry vampire in a room where rivers of blood apparently were flowing.

“Oh but what have we here…” she said.
She looked at Blanche for a quick second and just froze.

“No.” she said, bewildered by what she had just seen.

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