when history repeats itself [story part 11]

January 26, 2012 § 1 Comment

January 5th, well over midnight.

We were in the church, something was definitely moving around, for what seemed like hours for me, I now realize it wasn’t more than three seconds until the door slammed shut, Regina became alert, something moved in the top right corner which was just pure nothingness. It was so dark that not even getting right underneath it would make anything visible in that corner.

I remember I thought werewolves at the time. Later I laughed at myself. I have come to know since then, than even the supernatural – or what we consider supernatural but is actually explainable – has limits. The limits being: nobody just transforms into a wolf just because the moon is shining. Just as vampires can’t shape-shift, werewolves don’t exist.

Tell-tales. I was rest assured of this by some very (VERY) knowledgeable… people. Although now I realize they might have been playing around. Doesn’t matter, doesn’t change the fact.

There were no werewolves there, that’s for sure, instead, out of the shadow a long, slim and very beautiful girl – although I couldn’t care less at that time – descended right in front of me.

I had maybe less than a second to take everything in. She was wearing what we would call “under dressed” – especially for a cold January night. She had tight jean shorts, military black boots and on top she merely had a tight denim jacket which was only buttoned at the neck, leaving the whole area underneath exposed. Nothing else except a sporty kind of bra. It was a weird outfit and I truly wondered how was she not freezing. I was dressed up to my teeth and was till cold as hell.

She had long silky hair, which was long enough to touch  her lower back. She was not blonde, she was way more than that. She was silver, almost white, that kind of blonde. The moonlight sure added to that even more. Her lips were almost non-existent, rather than Regina’s which were always full, oily and pink. Waiting for a kiss, or a bite.

She was even whiter than Regina and her eyes were a true match with the color of a shallow seaside. That kind of see-through green, strong but somewhat washed up green. They seemed to have a spark in them for a second, but then they turned almost to grey, flat, devoid of any life.

She looked at me… suspiciously, investigative. She examined my eyes, looked at my pendant for a bit and then turned her head. Now all this lasted for less than two seconds. She had just jumped down from somewhere from the upper corner – no idea how she got there or how was she even staying there, but there had to be some supports I guessed.

In any case, after she looked at me she turned her head and looked at Regina, which by now was straightening herself up, looking suspiciously comfortable, and putting her knife back in her leather jacket.

“My queen…” she was bowing before her! This silver fox was on her knees in front of Regina.

“Stand up and stop doing that every time you see me. I would rather have a kiss.” – Regina said and with that, I got giddy I might see the two of them kissing.

Disappointment struck when silvery there approached Regina and she was the one who got kissed, my Regina kissed her, on her forehead. I considered that to be pretty… mom-daughter kind of relationship. I certainly hoped that wasn’t the case. It wasn’t.

“What are you doing here?” Regina said commanding her to start speaking, now.
“I was about to ask you the same thing.” – Well, it seemed that silver was already very friendly and talked with Regina as she would talk with an equal.

“You should know better that my affairs are not of your concern.” Regina said. I really hoped silvery wouldn’t make her mad again, because we had just been there, done that a few minutes before. Wasn’t ready for round two.

“Forgive me.” And she bowed her head again. The she tilted it back up and continued “It has been reported to me, in your absence, by a critter, that two killings took place here. I came to see to it.” silvery said.

“And? What did you find Viktoria…?” Regina said with a faintly amused tone. I didn’t find anything amusing about more killings. I had no idea that Viktoria was actually talking about the two vampires that died here.

“Well, nothing. I just arrived here…” Viktoria said.

“I ended their misery. They are down under me if you feel like talking with two dead critters. You have nothing to attend to anymore.” – It felt to me like Viktoria was either a servant or someone who took care of pressing matters while Regina was doing whatever she did, with me, or others. She had a very neutral face about the whole incident. She had no questions regarding why and how they died. She plainly didn’t gave a rat’s ass about them, especially the fact that at hearing the word ‘critters’ her face went even more neutral. Apparently, vampires and critter vampires didn’t mean the same thing.

Then Viktoria looked at me raising an eyebrow, and Regina intervened: “Meet the one I have chosen.” And before I had the chance to charm her with my spells and good looks, before I could even open my mouth to say hello, Viktoria interrupted me.

“But he’s just a boy!” She said.
“VIKTORIA!” Regina shouted back.

“I… forgive me. I don’t know what’s happening with me. This… boy. It’s making me feel uneasy.” Viktoria apologized and once again was back with her head bowed down.

“I understand.” Regina said approvingly. This was nice of her I thought, or maybe Viktoria was not just someone else, because she sure was possessive of me, which didn’t bother me, yet.

Regina then looked at me and then introduced us properly.

“This is Viktoria Smirnova – my closest companion, and oldest.” Regina said. This was getting interesting.

“Hello.” I finally managed to have said it. Yes! But at that Viktoria came close to me and as instead of nodding or responding back, she came too close to me. She smelled my lips and I backed out – what the hell.

At that I saw her fangs elongating and her eyes already dark and red, swirling inside like the Black Sea in a rough storm.
“Tasty…” and she flashed towards me, but instead I countered her flash with one of my own. A flash from my flashlight, which was still going strong. I remembered how strong it was when I shone it to my face and now I did the same to Viktoria.

She hissed and turned her head. I stopped her right there and then, and that’s how I knew: Vampires did see better, much better, when they were in their “frenzy” state. That’s why their pupils dilated to extreme like that, they were sucking in all the light they could, and others.

I didn’t get to see all of the reaction because by now Regina was already between us, with her back to me and going slowly towards Viktoria.

“Viktoria… I didn’t know…. you had it in you…” Regina was saying this as she was going with slow, small steps towards Viktoria which by now was backing down, making herself seem smaller and thinner than Regina, which wasn’t the case no matter how you looked at it.

“I’m sorry. Regina. My queen. Please… I need to leave this place. I don’t feel myself near the boy. Please. It was a mistake…”

Regina just kept going slowly towards her, she was much like a cat by now, or a snake. Or both, she was both walking and undulating her body closer and closer to her prey, which was Viktoria.

I wondered why didn’t she just run, she sure was fast enough for that. But she didn’t. Instead she propped herself with the back to the pillar, the same pillar I was just backed into not even twenty minutes before, and looked at Regina approaching her, with horror.

Regina came close to her, closer than necessary, she basically stuck her whole body to Viktoria’s and then very slowly, she inclined her head and Viktoria already inclined hers too, in an upward motion, tilted towards the right and the ceiling, exposing her neck. It was like she knew.

Regina continued what she was doing without stopping for anything, it was one smooth dance, which seemed rehearsed over and over again over the centuries…

I heard Viktoria’s flesh ripping, I could feel it in my own neck even – and I remembered how I was in the exact situation just a while ago. Viktoria was squirming slowly, not violently, shaking her body and clenching her jaw and her fists, and she actually had the power to keep shouting in pain. In agony. It was pure horror for me to even think about how much pain that should be, to make a vampire scream in agony. I only figured that Regina was capable of inflicting much more pain that she had done to me. And I also understood that a vampire’s weapon of choice is often a bite and not the mind, for it is sure effective – in the short-term at least.

I was also pretty puzzled as to how exactly things happened – as far as I knew vampires drank blood for nutrition – but what nutrition could they get from another vampire? Did Viktoria just feed? I ushered my thoughts rapidly as I saw Regina pulling back and Viktoria falling to her knees. Looking at me and then putting her head down. She was exhausted and I hated myself thinking that I had caused this, but then, she was a bitch anyway, she deserved it. I was still pretty doubtful that she will let this go. I will have an enemy, for centuries, apparently.

And when I say that a vampire’s bite is effective in the short-term. I mean it. Against all odds, Viktoria stood up, erased her tears (So vampires could indeed cry! And not blood! They just needed a very good reason, like this) and slowly approached me. I backed out a bit, but a reassuring look from Regina made me stop and let her come to me. I felt exactly like visiting a friend who has a dog, and he looks at me to reassure me that the dog is docile and won’t bite.

Viktoria bowed down to me to – now that was more like it – then she apologized.

“I’m sorry… there’s something… I… you’re different.” Viktoria said.

Regina intervened: “Of course he is! Look at his neck” and Viktoria was looking for a place to bite, but I saw her eyes and knew all too well what Regina was referring to, so I put my thumb under my pendant and pushed it forward, and with that Viktoria drew in a sharp breath and put her hand over her mouth.

Human instincts I thought. Glad she has them. But an amazed vampire? That’s pretty rare.

She only said one word, whispering it to herself: “Anna” and she looked at Regina.

“Yes, it’s the one.” – I really hoped she was referring to the pendant and not me, otherwise it would have felt  too Matrix for me.

Later did I find that she was referring to both. Damn my intuition. But then something else jumped in mind. Viktoria knew who Regina was, she knew her name!

Regina, like always, read me like an IKEA instruction manual and knew exactly what I was thinking. She came close to me and looking me straight in the eyes, with a “I’m dead serious look” she told me:

“Viktoria is my biggest and most fortunate mistake I’ve ever made. She was one of the girls my mother had for me to feed, but I was young…” and she trailed off, feeling a hint of guilt in her eyes.

“…she had nobody to teach her, and she was hungry. She took too much from me and then…” Viktoria trailed also. This felt awkward, they were completing each other’s sentences like two twins. But then again, if two persons are together for more than five centuries, that’s got to mean more than twin thinking.

“…and then I tried to give it back by biting myself and forcing her to drink. She drank more from me than she had left in her body, and so we became the same.” and there and then I understood the second way of making a vampire.

“I wanted to end her afterwards, I didn’t want anyone else like me.” Regina said and then after a short look at Viktoria, continued “but I’m glad I didn’t. She kept me company through the centuries. Even though we rarely saw each other in the last hundred years…” and now she was looking at Viktoria with an inquisitive look, which in turn had a very guilty face.

“I found my mate.” Viktoria was explaining to me.
“Yes you did my love.” And with that Regina kissed her forehead again. My love? More kissing? I felt I wasn’t supposed to be there. But I was wrong.

And then, looking back at my necklace, Viktoria told me again how this was Regina’s over five centuries ago – it never crossed my mind selling the damn thing – and was asking me where I got it and everything that Regina and I already had went over, and seeing as how I approved of everything, with a clear face of “I know, I know” she announced:

“Then we have to find them! Once and for all!”

“Find who?” I said.

“Whoever gave this to me, and you for that matter.” Regina said. But wait, that could only mean one thing: the black eyed children.

“But that’s impossible!” I said, and then without allowing any of them to speak again I continued on the same reassuring tone I had started “We all know they only showed up two times! Out of nowhere! In 500 years!”

“Yes, but nobody ever searched for them, for all we know, nobody knows they exist.” Regina said looking like she was just hatching a plan.

“All I have to do is find my maker, maybe he will know more…” Regina said, looking worried at her own plan. I had the impression she didn’t like her own plan. Which rarely happens even in the human world.

“But you…” I said without having the opportunity to finish.

“I know what I said…” she was stroking my face with her right hand, going with her finger down my neck to see if I’m still wounded. I wasn’t.

“But I never found him because like the children, I never searched. I’m not very curious by nature…” Regina said.
“Well you sure had me fooled.” I added.

Viktoria was smiling. I guess it got very rarely for her to see a human, a boy, a baby compared to them, standing up and making sarcastic comments to Regina.

“Yes, well, the necklace is of a special interest to me.” Regina said and she saw how I got upset almost instantly. Of course I got upset, I was giddy because she was interested in me, not my necklace.

Saying that, a silence fell over the whole church. My flashlight was now off and the only light we had left was the moon, which was getting dimmer and dimmer because it was moving in a spot obscured by one of the pillars. I felt an eerie feeling creeping up my spine. Here I was, in total darkness, above an empty crypt with hundreds of skeletons – human and vampire, and to top that off, two rather angry and hungry vampires were standing next to me. In the shadows.

It was my worst nightmare and my most beautiful dream I had yet. And, in that silence, Regina once again elegantly boasted her commanding skills. Her way of saying anything she wanted to anyone she pleased, for she was a queen, but, at the time for me she looked more like a spoiled girl. Which surely was not. She had the elegance of a well looked after French princess and in the same time the rigidity and ambition, the trust in herself and the look of what I imagined could as well be the look on Caesar’s face.

She boasted all this, and expressed all that she was through something rather simple. She broke the silence when she raised her hands and announced with a commanding authority: “I have decided. We shall talk more about this.”

“Oh…?” I said. I instantly had the feeling of shutting the hell up, she wasn’t finished. Again, love/hate relationship. I wanted to punch her for being so damn cocky but I also wanted to kiss her for being so comforting. It felt nice to be in the company of someone who knows what to do, always. And who was not afraid to tell you what to do also.

“Let us leave this place. It reeks.” – I hadn’t noticed. Was it the incense? No.
“Viktoria, send a message to Karl that he will attend to matters until your return.” Regina said. I wondered what would happen to this ‘Karl’ if he fucked up, but then again, I don’t think Regina would have let anyone decide anything too important without her consent. Or she really trusted someone, ‘Karl’, with her life, which was unlikely. I was also a bit jealous.

And as Viktoria prepared to leave, Regina also added: “The manor.”

Viktoria nodded and in a split of a second with a ‘whoosh’ kind of sound, she was near the door which seemed to have opened by itself, especially for her. She took a quick glance back at the two of us and then she was gone.

Regina still owed me some explanations. In my mind at least, because in hers, she clearly was convinced she already told me and allowed me to see too much. In any case, she still took my hand which made me turn my gaze from the door to her, she was with her head bowed down and I couldn’t see her face, but as soon as she felt my eyes on her, she straightened her body, lifted her head and with kitten eyes but a very mischievous smile she asked me:

“More than ever.” – I had no clue what was I supposed to be ready for.

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