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Vlad Tepes - Blatt 1


I’ve seen a bunch of “Dracula tours” online, websites trying to sell visits to people who have no idea that those places they are going to visit have no connection to Dracula. For example, the castle marketed as “Dracula’s Castle” has nothing to do with him, he has never been there. I’m talking about the Bran castle. Even WordPress and Google give me suggestions and maps to this castle when I mention Dracula’s Castle, which is retarded, and that’s how it remains in the general knowledge, which is just proof that things you know might not actually be that way. They are in fact, influenced and changed, but hold a seed of truth, the seed here being, that Dracula’s Castle does exist, only not the one Google or you think.

Dracula was born in Sighisoara, then lived in two castles, one in “Targoviste”, a town which used to be the capital of Romania back then, and another castle in which he lived as a ruler, called “Poenari Castle” – his seat.

More on Dracula: He was loved, worshiped and adored by the Romanian people. He was a very, very, very charismatic character, with a POWERFUL way of compelling people, he had deep dark eyes, big with teeth and long, dark, curly hair. Does this sound familiar?

Why was he loved? He was considered a very successful ruler, although cruel, because he managed to keep the muslim turks out of Europe. Romania was back then the only barrier left standing between the Ottoman Empire and the Habsburg Empire (German Empire). If Romania was to fall then, well – you never know. But it didn’t. He managed to keep the Turks at bay. They always wanted Europe back then, and he successfully managed to drive them back, and keep them there. As such, Romanian people remember him for being the man who kept the muslims out of Europe, out of Romania.

Dracula had no religion – people in Romania or books will be quick to tell you that he was either Roman Catholic, or Orthodox or some other form of Christian but he wasn’t. He didn’t go into battle with a cross above his head, he didn’t have a cross around his neck. He was an atheist in a country which was deeply religious back then.

See all the pieces? He drank blood, he hated crosses, he was charismatic and managed to influence people with ease…. The “myth” is forming here. Nevertheless, Romanians these days do not consider him to have been a vampire. He was a simple man.
However, he was supposedly tied with silver before being buried in a crypt, in a marble coffin with a big cross on it, under (literally under) a monastery, which is on an island in the middle of a lake. An inhabited monastery, with monks that apparently are the real deal… Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

And this is real – verifiable – if you want to confirm all of this beyond any shadow of doubt, all you have to do is go visit the damn place.

Now something more interesting: Did you ever wonder – “If vampires existed then how come we’ve never seen them or heard of them?”

Well think about that – if they would want to stay hidden, even with today’s media, do you really think they would have the power to do so? After all, they had centuries to put themselves into the most influential positions.

What I’m about to say does not imply anything, by all means, no.

Prince Charles (yes, that one) is a direct descendant of Vlad Dracul. Also, Kate Middleton’s child will have Dracula’s blood flowing through his veins.

Hei, I’m not the one saying it. Prince Charles himself said so.

This implies that Dracula had children – yes, he did, however, if he actually conceived them is unknown because his children have been depicted not looking like him, but nonetheless, that happens.

He had children and a wife, which killed herself apparently but that’s another story.

I’m going to stop here with the history of Dracula and Sighisoara because it makes no sense of going further. My next post will be the real reason of creating this blog. This introduction, along with the other posts in the “explanations” category are just that, descriptions and explanations to make you understand things that will follow.


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