who am I?

I’m thinking maybe I will gain a bit more legitimacy if I try and explain my origins.

I was born and in the town of Sighisoara, in the very heart of Transylvania, Romania. Mind you, this is also the hometown of the infamous Vlad Tepes (The impaler) or as you might know him – Dracula. I won’t tell you my name, that’s no use to anyone, plus I’d rather not let anyone know who I am. Not because of safety, not mine at least, but I do think about the people around me and the loved ones left behind. You must think “this guy is kidding, right? He wants to hide yet he has a blog.” – well, yes – that’s actually correct – you can’t really know who I am – I might be who I say I am or I might be just another crazy guy, right? That’s the whole point. I try to be tech-savy enough to cover my tracks and not let anyone trace my whereabouts, and I do move quite often.

Plus, I try to lead a life as normal as possible, and as such, try and ask yourself this: Hypothetically, if you were to move to another country and make a new life, would you really like every single new person in your life to know about “how crazy you are” if they manage to stumble across this blog?

No. I’d rather not risk it, but I need to say what I have to say, and there’s no easier or better way of doing so than with a blog. This one. Technology is a wonderful thing.

I know I said this earlier, but I need to repeat it.

I was born in the hometown of the infamous Dracula. I can prove that.

A copy of my passport here.

Mind you, all personal and sensible information was blacked out except country and town of birth.

The town of birth as you can see is Sighisoara, Transylvania, Romania – the same town where Dracula, or as you may already know, Vlad “Dracul” the Impaler was born.

I grew up in this town.

I grew up seeing Dracula’s house – the house where he was born  that is – from my window. I grew up playing in the town’s cemetery, I grew up going to a high school that was near a crypt, an old church and a morgue, and looked like more of a castle rather than a high school. The stairs that you see in the picture are the stairs that I climbed every morning for four years, stairs that led to the top of the citadel, and the high school, stairs that might look good in the light of day, but in early, dark, winter mornings, with over 170 steps to climb, they stop looking so good when you’re half way up and stop seeing the end, or the beginning. Eerie feeling that you don’t get used to.

If you have the least of interest, I would advise you to read up on the town and see some photos.

So how old I am? Can drink legally.

What else can I tell you about me that’s relevant to this blog? Nothing much, that’s all you should know. I’m a person who lived, worked and went to school in a 500 yard radius around Dracula’s house. Yes, that’s Sighisoara in the present day. Its citadel, one of the oldest and most well-preserved in Europe, is still inhabited and people still live in the citadel in the same houses that stood tall hundreds of years ago.

Around the citadel there’s the modern town, but it might as well not be. The citadel and its walls include everything a town needs: school, medical facilities, bakery, church, hotels, museums, dungeons, clubs, etc.

I grew up playing in that citadel – and its cemeteries – and I’m making this blog because I feel it’s the only way of safely telling – or trying to – the whole world, or to whom might be interested, that certain things that you would think were myths, are actually true, in plain sight, and are not as romantic as movies or certain books depict them to be.

I created this blog because I need to share all the things I’ve felt and seen with someone who I can’t see myself, with someone who won’t judge me or look funny at me when telling them – I tried sharing this with other people – friends – and it always ended up in me being pushed out of their “social comfort zone” because I was labeled a liar or a crazy. So, I kept it to myself, I wrote a diary instead – now I’m writing this blog and also, I’ve started working on a book which may or may not see the light of day…

There’s even more about who I am as a person right here in the prologue of the story.

P.S – You can contact me by accessing the contact link on the left hand menu or by clicking here.

§ 46 Responses to who am I?

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  • Elena says:

    Randomly found your blog in the comment section on Mysterious universe.This is the tread I created on Abovetopsecret http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread603108/pg1 a while ago.I shall now continue reading your blog.

    • sapindale says:

      Hello. Macedonia is really dear to me, as a country – I’ve been there many times and I’m aware of the vampire folklore of Macedonia. Much of what’s written in that thread is present also in Romanian folklore but you have to understand: people exaggerate certain characteristics. The thing with the animal crossing over the grave, garlic, rice and bats and all – try and explain that to yourself see if it makes sense.
      In Romania too, old people stay over night and watch the body – the old ones still do that, in villages. But have you ever asked them why they do it? Some have no clue, but there are the few, the really old ones – I’ve met an old lady who told me: We’re not afraid he will rise from the dead – we’re afraid he’s not really dead, and someone who put him in this state will come for him.

      The vampire you are talking about – easily killed when young – it is a inferior rang vampire, a critter. Called a Moroi in Romanian. I was planning on talking about Macedonian and Serbian vampire folklore also, but I don’t want to go into the myth or “assumption” part. I want to keep it to what I know and no more. I’m free to speculate in my mind, but I don’t want to do it publicly. Hollywood does that enough, and it’s for the best apparently.
      The vampires originated here in the Balkans – not the story – they really did. Like I said in my first posts, the oldest modern human remains in Europe were found in Romania, but they did come from the South and I bet Macedonia was a haven then as it is now.

      I know people reading this blog see it as a story, as a book to come or treat it as they would treat a flick. Which is fine and I can’t blame them, but for me all this is and was real, I wasn’t hallucinating and I’m pissed and glad in the same time that nobody believes me. I just want to tell it and leave something behind. The title of the blog and everything in the blog is real. I did leave my hometown, I left my country and everyone I knew behind.

      And for you reader, if you don’t believe it -and how could you anyway? I wouldn’t – you don’t have to be mad, treat me as a crazy person or stop reading it. Enjoy it as you would enjoy a good story. Ponder on it, and move on with your life. I’m glad to have been in your head for a time, and I’m glad to have shared something with you.

      “We might be strong, but we’re still bound to obey the laws of physics.”

  • Elena says:

    Hey thank you for answering.I’m now in the middle of the second part of “The girl who came back”.I took a coffee break from studying to skim trough your blog,and instead of 10 minute break,it became an hour.All I now about the vampire folklore of my country comes from an ethnological study.Folk tales collected from old people.What do you think of the believe that the vampire exorcist put certain plant under his thong that enabled him to see vampires.Maybe it is a plant that contains some hallucinogenic ingredients.The plant is Dipsacus silvestris but I could’t find anything else other than that is used for treating Lyme disease.

    • sapindale says:

      I’m glad I can have that effect on people (forgot to study) however I’m sorry to disappoint you with the plant. I don’t want to sound cocky or arrogant or any other similar term, but I really, really doubt that there is any plant that turns you into a vampire hunter. I’d rather bet on the “there was mass hysteria and some guy figured he could make some money off it and get a free pass at killing people”. Imagine, anyone whom he pointed as being a vampire, was doomed.

      Either a fraud [the man] or the plant was a really strong hallucinogenic, which it isn’t, because we would know. Like you said, Lyme disease and that’s kinda it. So the only option would be: he was being a fraud. Don’t worry, folklore is always to be taken with a grain of salt. Besides, even the Grimm brothers themselves turned out to be frauds – apparently.

      And like I said in the “about this blog” post (I think, maybe another one) – Most myths and folklore have started off something, from a core of truth, from an event. So even if the plant thing is not real, I don’t absolutely exclude everything. Like I said, much of Macedonian folklore is vividly present in present day Transylvania, although we consider it ours, Serbs consider it theirs, but in the end – its the same, and it started from somewhere.

  • ForSaKeN says:

    Drop me a line on messenger. I`m surprised you missed it on the site 🙂 add vampires.realm

  • Jorden says:

    Have you ever questioned the existence of existence itself? I have. And Ive even found the answer. I admit it’s hard to beleive but I have reached the limit of a completely open mind but yet I still have questions. I know there exists something beyond the fabric of the physical universe. But I don’t have the details. As crazy as this sounds my mind has gotten to a point where I don’t even feel human anymore. And when I am around any person I can feel the difference between me and them. What exactly am I? Or more importantly why do I possess the ability to feel myself inside my body as if I’m wearing it like a costume?

    • sapindale says:

      Maybe because we all think that the body is real and the thought is the illusion, and we are wrong, because maybe, just maybe, the body is the illusion – we die, we decompose, we go away… maybe the thought, the soul, remains. Maybe that is actually the real thing. Maybe you just cracked through that. It usually happens when you’re close to death, I’m sorry…

      • Jorden says:

        I am not close to death nor have I been anywhere near death. But I’ve been through do much pain and frustration I’ve gone beyond a level of feeling any pain. I even remember things from as early as a yr old. I also used to wake up to see a giant holographic globe hovering above my face. Since I was little ive always felt different. and I always had the urge to expand. I’ve even seen the being we call god and I’ve seen how he created the universe. And to my suprise even he(or it) himself has no explanation. Simply all I got was “I am what I am” which shocked me even more because I found out a man from the bible named Moses received the same message. This probably sounds bat shit crazy to you. Hell even I think it’s crazy. This existence we live in is so strange. Vampires, ghosts, monsters, aliens, and even leprechauns lol

      • sapindale says:

        Yes, I think you’re crazy.

      • Jorden says:

        Like I said, bat shit crazy. But you have to see it to beleive it. To any rational guy it would seem crazy. Just like this vampire story. But im not the type to lie. Because people whom are actually crazy wouldn’t reveal that what they did or said was crazy. And i already know how it sounds but that dosnt change the fact of what ive seen. You seem like a pretty smart person. But you have yet to put yourself in others shoes and understand the full extent of what is beyond the human mind. because if I told you all the things I know it would flip your world upside down and turn your head inside out. But the world today is not ready for that sort of thing and that’s obvious. But until you take yourself out of your own mind, you will never learn to accept things beyond our existence.

  • Ashley says:

    This story sounds crazy. Whoever wrote it needs to go to an asylum. There’s wayyy too many vampire-obsessed people nowadays. Cut the bullshit and write about something everyone enjoys. Not some nerdy vampire fantasy.

  • Terry says:

    Dude your crazy as hell….

  • sapindale says:

    Unlike any other vampire story or sighting or whatever, I’ve given you more than enough information to confirm this story if you truly wish so. All you have to do is read the story carefully and be willing to travel. Unless you’ve done that, you’re not entitled to judgement.

    • ........ says:

      You think you can hide from us boy? il be paying you a visit soon. And yes we know where you are… Be seeing you soon…

  • €£¥£€££¥ says:


  • Jack says:

    ZIMABU ETER=soon nothing will remain

    • sapindale says:

      Actually it doesn’t. Many people have suggested that translation on different forums but the language used is not Sumerian. It’s Akkadian (Old Babylonian).

      It does not mean anything (unless it is taken as two words: zim ābi “the father’s/ancestor’s face/appereance”). The second word eţer can be translated as a singular second person imperative of verb eţēru ‘to save; to take away’. Were it so or not, the actual problem is in zimābu as it should be in accusative, namely zimāba. Thus we must either abandon this translation or assume that the language is as bad as in the Sumerian message.

      If we try to translate this in Sumerian, we will face even worse problems than with Babylonian. E.TER has no satisfactory translations.

      Nobody can translate this message accurately, simply because Sumerian is even harder to decipher than Hieroglyphs. Look at some common sounds of Sumerian: http://i.imgur.com/10lA3.png

      Sumerian is not Latin, taking the sounds and putting them into Latin form (letters) is a basic mistake, only a fool would do that. The latinized Sumerian messages do not correspond accurately with the spoken messages. A sound like the one above (first one, “gu”) can be translated into neck; voice; cord; net; bull; force; to eat; to square; my” etc. Only when you have the real Sumerian writing you can identify it properly, otherwise, the meaning is assumed from a sentence, and that leaves place for a lot of interpretation if you’re not a native Sumerian speaker, which nobody is anymore.

  • Jack says:

    Hey smart guy its both akkadian and sumerian Supposedly used by the beings that are responsible for the abductions in nome alaska.

    • sapindale says:

      Can’t be “both”. Pick one. The only relation between Akkadian and Sumerian is that they both used cuneiform writing. That’s as far as their relation goes. Akkadian and Sumerian are no more related than Polish and English.

      • Jack says:

        thats exactly what a “human” would say. But seeing as theyre are various higher beings in the world its always us thinking we know everything. If i were you id stop living a fantasy world with vampires and come into the real world and actually try to find something thats actually supernatural. Your smart. But definately not open minded.

      • sapindale says:

        No, unfortunately I’m not, like I said in my story, I never was open minded and have troubles believing something even when I see it. It’s rather ironic, me, trying to convince other of something that I wouldn’t believe… I don’t know what you’re really talking about, but if you want to take this discussion further please write me an e-mail on the contact page so we can e-mail from there onward.

  • Ava says:

    What vaccuous bollocks. The ‘story’ cannot be proven true…you have merely looked into locations…you can provide no proof of the events. And why…because it’s unoriginal, pathetic bullshit born of a Twilight obsessed little prepubescent mind.

    Grow up and realise that the world is not as ignorant or gullible as you yourself.

  • Annaliza says:

    This guy is under heavy MK ULTRA mind control aka “The Monarch Program” there are Dragon Bloodlines, but they are of the Blue Blooded Monarchy aka: Royal Family

    Even Vlad was part of this dragon bloodline, but not a vampyre.

    This guy is human and is pretty much under heavy mind control (Nazi mind control used to be esoteric now it’s torture)

    Google it. He fits the profile.

  • g says:

    @sapindale, why are you not posting anymore?

  • Anonymous says:

    It seems as if you just created fan fiction about the book series Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. Please correct me if I’m wrong but it’s not a coincidence.

  • Bianca says:

    It seems as if you got all your information or most of it from the book series Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. Correct me if I’m wrong but it doesn’t look like a coincidence.

    • sapindale says:

      Unfortunately I haven’t even had the chance to read any of the books, they present little interest to be honest, but I’ve read now that you mentioned a synopsis, and if you’re refering to the fact that you can find “moroi” and “strigoi” in both stories, I’d just like to point out the fact that these two terms are common words in the Romanian language, used in place for vampires, because we make a distinction between a turned vampire and a vampire child, or a half-breed. If there are other things that don’t sit well with you, then please tell me, it might just make me read the book. Also, if there are way too many similarities, it might just be that whoever wrote the books knows more than he’s letting out.

  • Boryana Pitson says:

    interesting story! nice style, you have a talent I must admit (excluding the erotic parts – pornographie literaire I’m afraid) but I don’t believe a word of it! It is quite funny though that all vampires are very attractive (bad influence from Hollywood) and I found a bit distasteful the whole nouveau riche atmosphere bearing mind the general state of your country

    • sapindale says:

      The general state of the country is not as bad as the media might make you think. You should visit, especially my hometown, Sighisoara. I promise it’s everything I said it would be, and more. You could even see the exact places that I’ve posted here, rooms, buildings, everything.

      I don’t mind you don’t believe it, I’m glad you’ve read it nonetheless. As for the erotic parts, well, what can I say. They are a part of the story, which wouldn’t be the same without them. Need to show my exact relationship with everyone and everything in the story, and cannot go around cherry picking.

  • Boryana says:

    first mention of a vampire is found in a Russian text from X-XI century, it is called upir and it is a belief brought to the Balkans from Siberia and Altay by the Slavic tribes; the Greek and tribes speaking Romance languages borrowed it from the Slavic
    upir in protoslavic means swollen, a possible reference to the way the body looks when unearthed shortly after death

    • sapindale says:

      There’s hundreds of books about this. However, other terms have existed in the Roman times and after, way before the upir term came into existence. For example, strigis, strigoi, strix, all described similar creatures. Some of these words are greek and some are Dacian, more than 2000 years old.

      As for other terms, for example, the book “Diss. de hominibus post mortem sanguisugis, vulgo sic dictis, vampyren” offers a totally different view. Sanguisugis can be roughly translated to “sucker of blood”, sangui meaning blood and sugis meaning sucking. Even in the Romanian language and modern italian, “sange” (sangui) means blood and “sugi” means “to suck”.

  • Atmi says:

    Hi. I’ll admit that I haven’t finished reading your story, but something made me curious; Might I ask why you had to flee your country? Did someone stalk you? Did someone threaten you? Did you leave because of humans, vampires, or were there some other reason?


  • Amanda says:

    You haven’t proved anything except good use of WordPress. The pics, documents ect can all be found with Google. Oh and the idea of pretending this story is factual has been done already on several I other sites. Everyone seems to think this is a new way to present a story.

    • sapindale says:

      Oh, but you’re very wrong my dear. I’m pretty sure half of the content in photos that I’ve posted here, and videos, are pretty much made by myself and you can’t find them anywhere else. As far as how others tell a story, I suppose that’s only natural isn’t it? We all have our ways of telling a story, and I can’t possibly expect to be unique in such a vast world, can I?

      It’s clear to me that you havent really read the story, because you see, I constantly ask people to contact me if they desire photos of certain things and events, which I normally provide. Also, it’s clear that you haven’t read the story because I’ve left plenty of things in it, real places and events, that can be checked, seen, touched. All you have to do is… well… go and see them, because how else can you convince yourself of something?

      You might also want to contact the QVRC, which surely can provide something that you can see and touch.

      I don’t really know what you expected as proof on this blog, tell me, I’ll put it up.

      Let me ask you this, would it make any difference, to you, if I would to post photos and videos of the persons I’m talking about?

      Because I actually did, you can find a photo of Regina, right in the middle of “things”, but with her eyes blackened out. Does that help in your search for… belief? I doubt it.

      Would a photo with a full-on fanged vampire, in your face, help believing? I doubt it. Once that happens, a non-believer would just resort to: It’s fake.

      I said it once and I’m saying it again, I wouldn’t believe it either, unless I see it in front of my eyes, and, just as you see in the story, I had issues believing it then also.

      As a result, I don’t really expect anyone to believe me, but do try to read the whole story, go and visit the QVRC people, check-out the places I’ve spoken of, many of which are more than accessible to anyone. Maybe that will help.

      And if that isn’t enough, then send me an e-mail through the contact page, I’ll send you anything your heart desires, just so I can receive an e-mail from you afterwards saying it’s still not enough.

      But do try and tell me, what is it that will convince you beyond any shadow of doubt, that what I’m saying is true? I’ll try and provide that.

      • Anonymous says:

        A live video feed with REGINA and you. Can you provide that?

      • sapindale says:

        Of course not. I wouldn’t even if I could. I wouldn’t expose myself or Regina, she would never agree, she would rather cut her own head off than agree to that. Plus, Regina is no longer with us. She’s been missing since 2010, read the story. How about someone else, another one of them, how about a live feed of that?

        But let me ask you this: What should the live feed show? What would constitute as proof?

  • Paul says:

    Just found your blog and read the posts people are quite rude.Want to read from the begining,look forward to talking with you

  • Avani says:

    Hi. I am really interested in BEKs(black eyed children) and was wondering if you knew anything about them. I’ve been reading about encounters with them and they’re all very similar. Anyways I wanted to know what you think about it. Are people just making up stories or are they telling the truth.

    If you already posted something about it sorry because I didn’t have time to read th whole thing.

    • sapindale says:

      They are somewhat involved in this story and by the end of it you’ll know everything I do about them, you don’t have to read the whole story, just wait until I get to the end :).

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