…and the human walked forth, anarchy walked along his side. [story part 21]

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So where were we?

Aha, France. Chateau de Launay.
Yes, the mansion in question is two stories high, a river that I remember wanted so much for me to swim in it, but to which I eventually had to deny its wish for my tripod style wound was still making me weak, was flowing calmly along the side of the mansion. There were big lush gardens all around it with enormous clear areas, surrounded on all sides by a forest. Even the road leading into the estate passed a small patch of forest. I felt secluded yet safe, and hidden. From everything.

The mansion itself was shining inside, as if it was built yesterday. Everything was neatly packed and stepping like royalty through the front entrance led us to a massive staircase that started off as two, one on the each side, and then united on the top floor to make for a big inside balcony above the main hall. To our left was a ball-room, although not as big as you would imagine, and to the right was a dinning area / living room in which everyone spent most of their time.

Yes, this is the one exactly.

Continuing under the balcony led you into a small hallway which ended up opening inside a smaller hall, which also had two entrances, one for the kitchen and one for the study which resembled in great detail to my father’s study back home, although much bigger. I stopped there for a few minutes and searched through the volumes of books, hoping to find something of interest, but all I could find were romance and love novels, French and English.

The kitchen was modern with stainless steel table-tops all around and had all appliances a normal human household would need. I had the feeling this mansion was not theirs to take or dwell in.

Going back to the point where I woke, I went straight to the kitchen and made use of all of this. I wasn’t bothered by making sounds and wasn’t afraid of waking anyone, all the sleeping quarters were on the top floors and if they resembled Regina by a bit, then they wouldn’t wake so easily. They sleep deep and are more easily woken by movement around them, rather than sound. Which is an interesting fact by itself, how could be someone aware of movement around him, if he’s unconscious, sleeping?

After that, I went back to the room, cleaned myself and by the time I was done the clock was nearing 17 and the sun was already starting to go down slowly, although the process took more in the summer, up until 20. At around the same time, Regina woke, first one. But then again, she did went to sleep the first one too.

We had a very lovely walk around the whole estate and as we were heading back she performed a magician style feat, identifying all the animals that we could hear. I remember her watching my pleased expressions of hearing the nature. I had missed that from back home, and then she started saying animal names. At first it seemed random and I didn’t know what she was doing, but then it started clicking in my mind. One after another, she had identified all the birds and everything moving around, even some that I couldn’t really hear. I had to trust they were there.

We talked about what we always talk. About her, vampires, me and what would I do instead of her. We talked about the future, about the past, about life on other planets, about everything that didn’t really usually pop-out in a discussion with a girl. We weren’t debating today’s news, that’s for sure.

We had no romantic stops either, but we did hold hands which made me feel like a fifth grader again, with that feeling you first had when you took a girl’s hand. Do you remember that feeling? Think about it now. It’s a one time feeling – at least that’s what I thought, but here it was, steering butterflies in my stomach to go round and round.

By the time we got back everyone was up and around, taking seats at the luxurious table in the dinning room which was unfortunately empty, mostly.

Karl kept going back and forth between the room and the basement of the mansion, bringing with him pitcher after pitcher full of blood. I really wanted to go with him, see where is he bringing it from. I had hoped there’s no live donor down there, but then, I couldn’t really deny them anything saying it is wrong. Why would I? I didn’t think it was wrong either. Really, I didn’t, and still don’t. Humans abuse other humans in more horrific ways and get away with it everyday, and some others (lawyers anyone?) also excuse them for doing that by enumerating countless retarded reasons.

I just tried to picture it was red, red wine. Which was hard, because red wine has a hint of transparency, a certain special color, but blood is thick, dense, and put in a glass it becomes opaque and deep dark red.

The dinning room.
All the time spent with them at the mansion was here, mostly.
That very night, we were in the dinning room and everybody was acting friendly with me, asking all kinds of very weird questions, for me at least weird, sort of questions that you don’t normally ask a new person in your group. Some were talking about Regina, formally but friendly, in the same way that a group talks with a new-comer who is the mate of a member of that group, as if like trying to impress that member even more, or just humanize him or her, by telling long forgotten tales that make the said member to feel shameful or regretful, or just blush. You know what I mean.

I was surprised by Viktoria’s friendliness all the way through the night, well, until a point, which I would call an outlier. An extreme. A special situation, oh, very special. We were sitting on an armchair. Actually, I was sitting in the actual armchair and Viktoria horizontally in my lap, casually sipping on a glass of blood, asking me mockingly from time to time if I cared to “sample this fine beverage”. I didn’t care to ‘sample’ nothing of the kind, no.

In front of me there was the table, on the left corner five of them, Gunnar, Jackson, Giorgio, Arthur and Edmund were sitting and talking among themselves about various subjects which I couldn’t pay attention to because I was also speaking with Viktoria, well, listening at least.

On the right side of the table, Regina was in the middle, at the end of it, and on her left was Karl and on her right was Nikita. I had learned that Karl was the elder of the Germanic zone in Europe, including Switzerland. That was, even though not the biggest in size, a considerable amount of human beings to be responsible over.

Nikita was the Russian who sent us to that building in Moscow and, nonetheless, he didn’t apologize to me nor Regina, not once. But I still liked him, he seemed more relaxed than the stereotypical Russian would be and even made jokes about it. Fair enough.

Lars, the elder of the whole Scandinavia, and apparently the oldest and most “effective” if I can put it that way, was standing upright in a corner and speaking with another. I had learned earlier that he chose Götheborg in Sweden as a town to dwell in, because it offered him a unique midpoint towards all of his zone. To the west he had Oslo, to the east he had Stockholm and to the south he had Copenhagen. Look at the map, it’s pretty neat. I know I needed one to understand it myself.

Lars was speaking with no other than Bruno, the elder of the French zone, including the Benelux.
“Armando” – which I decided to name him, was missing. The elder of the “warm blood” was missing. I’m of course talking about Spain and Portugal.

Although, Italy was present, represented by Giorgio.
The Balkans, including Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Solvakia, Croatia, Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria was represented, in theory, by nobody other than Regina herself.

I couldn’t help but notice that all of them had names from their zone. Lars was definitely Scandinavian for example. I didn’t know whether they made so, for blending in better, or if they really were each from that zone, born there.

I asked Viktoria about it immediately, as soon as the question sprung into my head, and she replied with the infamous quote, although on a specific tone and interpretation of her own.

“Oh, but don’t you know the wolf saying?” Viktoria said.
“What wolf?” I replied.

“None in particular…” and she made a gesture of biting the air, as in imitating a wolf snatching its prey, smiling in the process.
“Don’t you know…” she leaned forward, my hair on my spine was on full alert already, “That no matter how much you feed the wolf, it will always look back towards its woods?” She was finished, already sipping from her glass and looking in another way. She said that and left me to stir in my own thoughts.

What did she mean? Of course, she meant that yes, they were from those zones, and no matter how much of the world they’ve seen, they always went back.

I asked Viktoria what zone is she the elder of.

“I’m not an elder.” She replied.
“What do you mean? You’re right up there with Regina.” I said.

“Yes, and that’s exactly why I’m not an elder.” She said this on a tone implying that she was above that. I looked confused, my eyebrows were trying to find the right configuration to express just that, but before they could, she continued:

“I’m like your beloved, I hop around whenever I’m sent or needed. And I enjoy it, it’s a very rewarding job.” I believed her, and I also believed that rewarding meant something violent for her, she seemed the type to enjoy that.

A lone wolf I thought…
But she was lying, she was representing  part of Russia with Nikita, the western part, including Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Letonia and Estonia – although like she said, she did that just sporadically, leaving Nikita to deal with it all.

I showed her my right arm, where she bit me when we met, and I asked: “Like this you mean?” and added “This is rewarding?”

“Ohhh you still have it! I’m so glad you kept it!” She giggled.
“I’m glad you liked my little souvenir.” She added, still smiling and kissing it.

We were talking about a scar here, don’t forget that.

In any case, I started talking with Viktoria about Moscow, seeing how she was more than interested and Regina was already deeply discussing some hot topics with the two. I couldn’t really hear what, at least not yet, but I could sure read expressions.

Viktoria was fiddling with her glass, looking at me and then back at Regina, telling me all kinds of stories and pausing in between and asking me something else about Moscow.

And then I told her, everything. Regina was fully aware of what I was saying, and she didn’t intervene. If I wanted to tell her, it was my choice she figured. Nobody else here knew about Moscow except Nikita, which kept quiet.

I saw Viktoria’s face getting whiter and whiter and her mouth opening wider and wider. She was truly amazed, not by the fact that I almost died, no, she didn’t really care about that. She was more amazed that Regina didn’t say a word about it, but then again I was pretty certain Regina didn’t say a word about lots of things.

She was also amazed – apparently – that there was such a concentration of vampires in that specific building – what were they doing there and why were all of them so young and no maker in sight? She made that clear, by actually saying it.

She was also amazed that Regina not only dealt with all of them, but of what she did to save my ass.
When I got to the part about what Regina did to save me, everybody was listening in. They had all stopped talking and were just focused on me. They looked at Regina and she just nodded in a gesture of “It’s true, keep listening.”

By the time I was done Viktoria was outraged.
She stood up and screamed at me from the top of her lungs, with little pauses in between her words.


“You have been pretending for so long, you have forgotten what you once knew. Survival in the long-run is not possible, if the laws of life are not being followed, but broken instead!”

I had no clue what she meant.

“You have put Regina in danger, again!” She added. Again?

I stood up and literally slapped her. She was not expecting it, not one bit, and the others started laughing. Viktoria was not so pleased and yielded me as she did with Blanche. With a hand in my throat she put me to my knees forcing me to beg with my eyes for a gasp of air.

Regina didn’t do a thing.

“When will you stop being a child and just accept what you have been given!” And then she released and turned her back on me. She was referring of course to my refusal of being turned. She seemed really… upset about it.

But Viktoria was not referring just to me. She was referring to all the human race. With her eyes dwelling in the deep pools of whatever darkness resided within her, and those fangs extended beyond anyone’s imagination, she started blurting out madness after madness.

She talked about how they should submit the human race to their will. She pointed out that all the night the others have been talking about the benefit of the humans, like protecting them, offering something to them, interfering for a greater good, getting stability in some areas and some others like the kind. She pointed out that all her life, all she did was protect humans and keep the kinship hidden.

She was heading to the point of expressing the idea that humans shouldn’t be more valuable to them than food is to humans. We should be their superiors, in every way, she said.

But the fact was – that a vampire was not superior to any human. I did not consider anyone in that room to be my equal, but I did not consider them to be my superior either. Any human could be as dangerous, or as kind, or mad, as any other vampire. We have proven ourselves that we can be more deadly than any vampire could be, time after time.

And the fact was that vampires, as referred to their whole, the kinship, were as afraid of humans as the humans would be of them if they would only know of their existence.

We are not equals, we are not superior to one another. We are both here, each with their advantages and disadvantages. Don’t think for a second that humans are in any way inferior to a vampire. No. We might be weaker in strength, and have a shorter life-span, but we compensate through will, emotions, ambition, solidarity towards a common cause. I had no doubt that we, as humans, could exterminate the kinship in a blink if we wanted to, but at what cost? And for that very reason, never, ever, should we fight one another. Humans have as much to take from them as they can take from us. Refer to “alternative history” post for example.

Tell me of another animal on this Earth, vampires included, who wiped out hundreds of millions of their own kind.
Do I need to give examples here?

Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Napoleon, Fidel Castro, Hideki Tojo, Leopold II – just these few people managed to wipe out over 150.000.000 million humans, combined.

But that’s another story.

Viktoria was feeling frustrated that she could lose all she fought for, her submission and understanding of over five centuries, because of one single human.


But it wasn’t my fault, not entirely. Blaming time was in any case, not the right thing to do here. Viktoria was just plain frustrated and jealous in the same time. Plus, I always wondered where is her mate, because I knew she had one, somewhere, but I also knew that they don’t really put as much emphasis on relationships as we do. And yet again, that’s another topic.

This was the exact reason I felt glad every day that Regina was among us, and not Viktoria in her place. Because Viktoria was a wolf. She was angry, she was impulsive, she made rash decisions, she didn’t think in advance and she always reacted, never acted in advance. She was the opposite of Regina.

And if you ask me, Viktoria had plans, carefully laid out ones, of making the kinship known, submitting as many humans as possible, and just waging terror on the planet until she felt comfortable with her own kind. But that was a very stupid idea, and even she knew that, but still, the wolf inside her screamed outwards constantly, screamed for control, screamed for freedom.

But I didn’t understand. Why would Viktoria have such ideas, such plans?
It must have been my imagination again. Because the fact is, that if your food comes from a grocery store and your water from the tap, then you will defend those things (civilization itself) to the death, because your life depends on them.

I your food comes from a stream, and your food comes from the land around you, then you again, will defend those to the death, because your life depends on it.

So Regina, tought the same, about human civilization.
If your food comes from it, then you will defend it to the death.
But Viktoria… Viktoria didn’t.
She had more of an idea that what is happening today with KFC: breed for a purpose, and not outside it. And who could blame her? The humans were doing the same thing for thousands of years. We slaughtered not one species, but hundreds of them. Wiped them to extinction. What made us so privileged in face of the vampires?

If you think about it, in the end, the Earth would come better off with vampires as dominant. They would only hunt one single species, us.

I stood there, watching Viktoria scream and trying to make her point made. She was alone, clearly, in her thoughts.
I could only feel responsible for this whole situation, but I was sure it was boiling at a low temperature, deep inside her, long before I was even born.

Viktoria was trying to say something, something very deep, but with the wrong words, at the wrong time, and with the wrong attitude.

“The time of the lone wolf is now over…”

“Gather yourselves!” She screamed and raged within her, but making no sound to be heard by our ears.

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for” She seemed to scream without anyone hearing her. Inside her mind.
Viktoria was, now, for a very long time, her own ocean of madness in the desert of despair.

Don’t get Viktoria wrong, she was a perfect vampire, but not a perfect human. Like all of us, she had flaws, but unlike us, she was not afraid to show them.

You see, they aren’t really afraid, none of them, to show their emotions. You would think that the evil inside them is more acute, that their expressions show more of the animal lurking within. But that is false. At least in 99.9% of the cases.
They, like us, have the same madness, evil and anxiety. Fears, thoughts and stress. The difference being, that they aren’t afraid of showing that truly animal like expression, that primal evil and ancient rage.

There’s no extra muscles in their face, no theater lessons for face expressions, no. We can all do it, and sometimes do. But most of the time, as a human, part of a functioning, civilized society, we do not show those expressions. We, most of the time, don’t feel the need to show them, because we’ve been tamed. We pushed those emotions back, we held them at bay. We let them build-up and eventually evaporate, but not always, which we all know, that building up, is not always a good thing.

They don’t. If they are angry, you will know about it. If they are frustrated, you will know about it. Viktoria was frustrated for a long time, but out of respect and obedience towards Regina and the kinship, she kept silent. She was trapped in a spiral of silence, if you know what that is. If you don’t, then a quick summary explains the spiral of silence as being the refusal of speaking out your opinion against the opinion of the majority, out of fear for rejection of that majority or society.

But no more. I had managed to bring the anger of the wolf within to the surface. She was roaring and raging and it was me that threw the match to lit that fire within her.
Nobody in the room dared approach her, not even Regina.

But alas, when we thought we couldn’t hear more.
Regina spoke.

“You were the one…”

Viktoria froze, looked at her and said casually.

“Yes, yes I was the one. But you should not have been there.” She replied.

What was she talking about?

“And you neither.” She said and looked at me.

Oh sweet mother of god, she was responsible for Moscow. She had made all of those young ones, she was responsible for it all. But to what end?

Regina tilted her head down, clenched her fists and the others, including Viktoria, and me, knew exactly what will come next.
And like I said, they aren’t afraid of showing emotion. And it did come.

Regina bashed Viktoria into a wall so hard they both teared it apart, the 20cm thick, 300 year old wall, mansion wall, solid, strong. It went straight down, with them both plunging through it and straight into the main hall. They had missed the door by oh, 5cm maybe. Too bad.

I was paralyzed in place and wanted nothing to do with that madness. It was pure fear for me and pure evil for them. Anger at its highest point. Like the first milliseconds of a nuclear chain reaction, they roared and screamed and continued punching, biting and clawing at each other.

For the first time, I saw Viktoria fighting back.
And trust me, what I had seen in Moscow was nothing compared to it. Viktoria was a very, very able adversary.

Regina had very big issues in pinning her down, and sure enough, took blows that any normal person would consider deadly.
They were bouncing from wall to wall biting at each other and I could hear bones cracking all over.

I looked in a plea towards others and Karl shook his head in a “No” motion. You do not want to get between them he projected towards me.

I agreed, but couldn’t watch the madness.
Clothes, hair, blood, was flying all over the main hall. They had managed to bring total destruction to that hall. There is no way a human can do that without a sledgehammer, hell, an electric pick hammer would be needed to do such things.

And then, as if the madness was not enough, then, when I thought I had seen everything there is to see in their world. Then, when I thought I knew Regina more than enough, I was amazed, once again. And looking at the elders, they were too, for they stepped back by quite a bit, something which rarely happens.

Lars, which was still sitting at the table paying absolutely no attention to what was happening, stood up and came forth to see for himself.

Viktoria had managed to enrage Regina in such a way, that not even her, Regina, knew possible.
I don’t know whether it was adrenaline, fear, rage, biological or magical, but in an instant Regina seemed to change from “play mode” which was actually the most terrifying rage I’ve ever seen and the most horrible screams your ears can hear, into “I’m not playing anymore” and with that, things got rough.

The proverbial shit had finally hit the fan.

She stopped from moving, instantly, and her head was tilted down. I could see her shaking and growling and Viktoria was making her move toward her but when Regina tilted her head back up as if she knew what was moving and where and then, when Viktoria saw her eyes, she stopped also.

Such expression and such roar cannot be explained. I cannot put it in words and no movie can even begin to describe it. It was human, there was no extra anything, don’t get pictures. But that particular expression, that look – that is something which does not exist on this planet or occur naturally. You cannot have such a terrifying expression.

Her eyes were now almost completely red, the blackness in them was oh, just a thin line, when just mere seconds ago, all they were was black with the distinctive reddish tint. It had switched almost instantaneously and that face and the roar scared and shook even Viktoria from the roots. I knew Viktoria had never seen that before, or maybe she did, but not aimed towards her.

Once again I remembered, in a flash, about the question I had posted earlier:What horrible and terrifying event took place, long before even history began, to the human race? What event had such the power as to imprint, biologically, a primal fear in the human mind, a fear of long, elongated and pale faces with sunken, black eyes and razor-sharp teeth? What happened back at the dawn of  the human kind?

I could only respond in a single way: this happened. You cannot continue seeing a human or a vampire again after such a thing.
The whole thing lasted a mere three or four seconds, but it will remain in my mind forever. If there was, at a time, a drawing of the devil or anything more scarier than that, a photo, an artwork, that shook you from your core, then take that drawing and think about it, amplify that fear by as much as you can, and try to feel what I felt. Seeing the devil himself standing in front of you would NOT inspire so much fear.

To explain this better: horrible creatures, ghosts, or demons – of children, have always terrified me more than pictures or drawings of the devil, or creatures in the movies that were adults. For some reason, children did this to me. Regina was no child, but she was the definition of rage and madness in that very second. Nobody could control such a thing.

I think I painted a very, very good picture of that.

Viktoria seeing that, stood back and yelled from the top of her lungs “My Que..” and she didn’t finish it. Regina was not playing anymore. The time for formalities and sorrows was now OVER for her.
With an ease of grabbing some inert object in front of you, Regina took her by the throat and literally ripped Viktoria’s hand out from the shoulder with one quick motion. The very same hand that was the first to plunge towards Regina.

Switching hands, she grabbed the neck with the other hand, the right one, and with her left hand started pulling on Viktoria’s other arm, her right one. But she was not just doing it to the arm, she was pushing the head upwards too. She was dismembering Viktoria like a puppet in front of my eyes. She was literally killing her there and then. Viktoria couldn’t even make a sound anymore, no plea for mercy was going to come out from her mouth. Her eyes either, they were closed shut. Welded in place, and would have stayed that way for eternity, if not for one thing.
I… I went once again full stupid, blank minded, nothing in it. I just didn’t care anymore, I didn’t care if touching evil itself will bring death to me, or will destroy evil itself. I just didn’t. I couldn’t stand seeing this, I just… didn’t think anymore. I saw Regina’s knife behind her, I saw her left hand up in the air trying to rip Viktoria’s arm out, and I was close.

I stabbed Regina in the heart.

…befriend a lost friend. [story part 15]

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As soon as Viktoria left with Blanche, Regina urged everybody to leave, but she didn’t expect me leaving with them.

The actual monastery yard, the building on the left is the one in which the monks were that night

“You’re going with me.” She said.

“No, I’m not. I’m going home for now. If you want to stop me, this is your chance, but don’t tempt me.”

“Tempt you?”

“Don’t tempt me to hate you more, it’s enough hate for tonight. I might be scared for you but I’ll put a stake through your heart if you ever do that again to someone I care about.” I was damn serious about it, although I can’t really understand how I had the guts to say such a thing. Any other person would have had his head ripped off in that second, and any other vampire wouldn’t have said it in the first place, not in a million years.

Regina was a very, very dangerous being. You did not want to make her angry no matter what or who you were.

Still, she smiled and giggled at hearing that, but she duly received the message. Regina really wasn’t the kind of person to feel comfortable in having enemies, even though I was pretty sure she had thousands.

“Fine! Go back to your miserable life!” She was angry and for the first time I heard her say something resentful, emotions were stirring up in her. She wasn’t used to being refused… anything really.

So I did, I went back home with Sophia. We took Viktor’s car which was still in the parking lot twenty steps below Concordia, the cafe, and dropped Sophia home just as we did any other night, without even mentioning what happened tonight.

Viktor then dropped me home and we said goodbye without words, we just looked at each other for two seconds and he then nodded at me, in a sign of acceptance, a sign of understanding, a sign of letting me know that “it’s ok”.

And that was it. I don’t know what Regina did next, but the next day I went over there and the owners first held me under investigation about what happened there last nights, they heard screams but then they stopped so they decided not to intervene. I thanked god for that.

Then I asked them if I could go check up on Regina, thinking that she was sleeping, they said of course. The rooms were empty, as if nobody was ever there.

The floors were perfectly clear of blood, the sheets were clean and folded, everything looked as if nobody ever touched them. I knew then and there: Regina was gone.

I felt a hint of regret for a second, but then pulled myself together and forced myself to believe that she will be back, someday… I only hope it won’t be when I’m 70 years old and in a wheelchair.

School started back as planned, everything went back to normal. My home was as it was always, normal, quiet and peaceful. My mother never said a word more about Regina, and she seemed at peace with herself even before Regina leaving. Her only concern was me not being bitten anymore, she hated to see her child punctured all over. It reminded her of bad things, and I can’t blame her for that.

The occasional teasing from my brother every now and then about: “Where’s your new girlfriend? Already left you?” He had no clue what he was talking about, he never even met her and I was sure that if he would ever meet her, he would have the same reaction as I did. Run like hell, then fall in love.

School seemed boring for the first few days, I longed for Regina’s temperament, I couldn’t believe that I did, but it was true. I missed the excitement, the adventure, and even the fear that made my body feel alive, more than ever, every time she hissed at me. Fear has a very interesting work of working you know. It not only paralyzes you, but in the same time awakens every single sense in your body, turns your hearing sense up by a lot, makes you see better. Puts you in alert. Makes you shiver at the slightest touch, even a touch of a breath landing on your lips. Fear is a very strong feeling, up there with hate, anger and love. Love…

Sophia, Viktor and I talked about everything over and over again. Day in, day out, we would talk about everything. We were all waiting for the same thing though, seeing Blanche again.

We talked about Regina, Viktoria. They asked me so many questions about everything and I felt bad for not being able to explain everything like I should have. I constantly reminded them that they need to forget about it and get on with their life, my own life dependent on that also. Depended on them not talking about Regina with anyone else.

Surprisingly, Blanche was back within a week. Viktoria was nowhere to be seen, she wasn’t at her side. There was nobody there to make Blanche drop on her knees if the situation required it. I felt scared for all of our lives, especially because the fact that Blanche just entered the class-room nonchalantly in a Monday morning, excusing herself to our lead-teach (I don’t know how it is in other countries, but back home we have a teacher for each subject, and we also have a “main teacher” that’s sort of our coordinator, which also teaches us one of the subjects, we call him a “diriginte”  which is derived from the french “dirigent”, meaning to conduct, or orchestrate.

Anyway, she excused herself for “being terribly sick” for the past sick and handed in a written excuse signed by her parents. I wondered how did she pull that off.

She sat next to me, I forgot to mention but she was my desk mate. Is that how you call it?

In Romania in high school we sit two-by-two, not alone in our desk. We do this for several reasons, there’s a lot of teamwork and we are usually the team. A desk mate is kind of your best-friend also, but sometimes two desks close together form sort of a little group, that’s what we were.

Anyway, she sat next to me and just smiled with a deep, evil smile on her face. The kind of smile that said “I’ll deal with you later.” I felt shivers all over my body, then she did the same thing with Viktor and Sophia.

We looked at each other and said absolutely nothing through the whole class. When the bell rang, the three of us instantly jumped her, assaulting her with questions. We soon realized everybody was listening so we went where we usually went to get a private talk.

In the cemetery. It takes only thirty seconds to get there and it was the main break, meaning we had a good 15 minutes to discuss anything. Blanche complied and came with us willingly, smiling all the way.

When we did get there, she looked at us and finally started speaking, but instead answering our questions she looked at me and said:

“I could never repay you, only now I understand what it means to get this gift from my queen herself.” I felt at ease, she was already calling Regina her queen, that meant submission from her part, but I was also at ease because sooner I had the feeling she secretly hated us now. Which she didn’t.

She radiated with happiness and kept smiling non-stop, which turned creepy at some point. I couldn’t understand how a person can be that happy, but she was.

Blanche was the one to explain very, very much of what’s written in this blog. Details, small things that Regina didn’t care or didn’t want to explain, Blanche was as curios as me and wanted to dismantle everything to the last detail.

She was proud of what she could do and what she was, and over the next few weeks she managed to turn all of us from day lovers into night owls. She felt much more comfortable at night and we understood, and we just switched everything that we did in reverse. So we had more time after sundown, and not before. It was an easy thing to do and  a low price to pay for everything that I learned.

We had a lot of amazing days, some better than others, but the thing is that we felt more secure with her than ever. I was afraid, before she came back, that she would be someone else, that she would turn evil and cruel. But I was wrong. Blanche was exactly the same person I knew before leaving, and she had the same way of thinking.

Only difference is that she looked and felt much more lively, happy and with a general mood that put us, in our best days, to shame.

Blanche constantly refused to do or speak of anything in front of Sophia and Viktor. She didn’t hide who she was, because they already knew, but she did anything possible not to boast in front of them or not to reveal anything new. She knew the stakes and she obeyed religiously to the Codex Strigis which amazingly, she knew almost by heart, all of it, and she didn’t even speak Latin as well as I did, although you could have a small conversation with her in Latin.

Blanche did however, showed us a lot of things that were both amazing and unbelievable in the same time. For example, she showed us how to hunt.

While in the forest above the town, an old forest which is a natural reservation these days, called “The Breite Plateau”, which has, among other things, 800 year old oak trees that are still alive to this day.

While there, she managed to identify, sneak behind and catch a rabbit in under one minute. She didn’t kill it because Sophia already went “awwwwww” when she saw it, so Blanche let it go but looked at it vanish in the woods with a sense of remorse or regret. I knew she longed for a taste of that rabbit, although they do not enjoy and cannot survive solely on animal blood, Blanche wasn’t really used in hunting people. I couldn’t imagine her in that position no matter how hard I tried.

On the same lines, Blanche constantly fed from the three of us, willingly giving to her. We did it on a daily basis, rotating between us, and some days she refused, hinting that she got it from someplace else. She usually bit shoulders, and it didn’t hurt one bit. Viktor actually started enjoying it but we all knew this was a temporary situation, and Blanche knew that too well, and before we even knew it she started refusing more often, hinting that she had started mastering the art of hunting… something else.

We didn’t know and didn’t care what and how she did it, there were no news of dead people in the papers and that was good. Sophia asked her if she’s killing anymore and Blanche raged about what kind of person do we think she is. A vampire, Viktor replied calmly from behind us while playing on the XBOX.

Blanche smiled at hearing that, she wasn’t mad.

Anyway, as you can see, the post above is a summary of a longer period, not just a few hours, not just one single event.
It was over the course of several months, and it was a period just like your normal teenage life, with a twist.

There were four kids, who seemed perfectly normal. We did everything a normal kid would do, but we had a double life.
It’s not that uncommon, to have a double life. Lots of people have double lives, almost everybody. You go to work, you’re the responsible, clean-cut, and friendly adult, then, when you get off work, you go home and just stay around the house in shorts, eating junk food and watching TV, cursing at the game or whatever. That would be considered a double personality in my opinion.

We were just like that, normal kids in society and then, when by ourselves, we were those kids who had a secret.

It seemed rather awkward for me that Viktoria just let Blanche be herself, like that, after a week. But why shouldn’t she? Blanche seemed perfectly capable of taking care of herself, and us, in the same time.

It certainly made life more interesting having Blanche around us in this state. She was exactly like before, our friend, not changed a bit, but with that small difference that counted immensely when needed. It was the small things.

But, as all kids, we were prone to fucking up, and we did, eventually. On several occasions.

On one particular instance, on a movie evening we had planned at the start of April, we were at Sophia’s place who lived in a two story house, placed up on a hill across the valley, on the other side being the hill of the citadel. Her house was close to the monastery, which is just your typical monastery, not too big, not too small.

We had planned on watching a horror flick, but instead of doing that, Sophia came with a much better idea. Or at least that’s what it seemed at the time. We were feeling pranky (is that a word?) that night and decided to pull one off at the monastery.

“Hei, let’s make our own horror movie!” Sophia said.
“I think we already have one…” I replied, looking at Blanche who hissed in a funny way, making a parody of the infamous hiss you hear before feeling that bite. She was laughing and we all laughed with her, it was like a bad imitation of Dracula.

“No, I mean let’s go scare some people off. Like, Blanche doing that for real.” Sophia said.

We all stopped for a second. Blanche looked at me seriously and then said:

“You all know I can’t do that…”

“Actually Blanche, it says that you can’t make yourself fully known, willingly, to any human. Flashing your stuff for a second doesn’t really count as fully.” I was being stupid again and I knew it.

Viktor said nothing. He kind of wanted to see the result but was afraid to intervene in order not to say something that would cancel the whole thing.

“So what do you propose then?” Blanche said.

“Well… I really hate hearing that fucking bell from the monastery each morning at six, so I think it’s only fair to scare the shit out of them, not that they would stop the bell, but it would make me feel better, and the look on their faces would be priceless.” She was actually right, I was, by now, totally into doing that.

Blanche’s eyes went blank for a second and she looked like she was turning the matter from side to side, searching for any cracks. She couldn’t find any, but there were plenty.

“I’m not hungry and I’m not angry at the monks either…” She was referring to the fact that she couldn’t just go into a frenzy just like that.

“I’m always looking for a reason to kiss you!” Viktor exclaimed cheerfully from behind us. He was silent until now but this one thing cracked us all up and let the tension flow out from us for a bit. We laughed and then went silent again.

“So let’s do it.” Blanche finally said.

In no time, Sophia was dressed fully in black, with a hoodie on her head. Blanche was almost always dressed in black.
However, Viktor and I were wearing somewhat of a flashy color, we both had green T-shirts, and, with the weather allowing us, we decided to go shirtless.

In five minutes we were at the monastery gates which were locked from the inside, the lock having a protective layer of cast iron around it, on the inside, so you couldn’t cut or break it even if you could put your hand through the bars.

Blanche didn’t even waste a second and in no time she threw herself at a tree, and then bounced back towards the wall from that tree, hanging with her hands from the wall. She pulled herself up and was over the wall in a second. It was like seeing a parkour master in action, and it wasn’t anything supernatural. It was just a combination of strength and technique. She was aware she couldn’t yet jump that high, so she improvised.

She didn’t seem to have any problems with the chain though, she ripped it with her bare hands, although she needed both of them, and her whole body, pulling on it and screeching in the process. It was a hard thing to do and it was obvious this was no supernatural movie. Her hands even bled afterwards, but healed quickly.

She licked them both, of her own blood, with Viktor looking at her disgusted.

“Want some? You look pale.” She said mockingly at Viktor who laughed and took her under his arm in a “come here you…” friendly way.

I wondered at that time what does it taste for them, what does blood actually taste. Does it taste as good as a cake does for me? Does it taste better? What is the actual feeling of tasting it, through their point of view?

For me, it was disgusting. Blood, I knew it tasted… Well I didn’t know the exact taste, but I imagined it being disgusting.

Now, as I’m writing this, I remember Regina once speaking about it. It was about the time when I made it clear it would be hard for me to renounce what I am and accept to be turned, and I offered the argument of eating blood, forever.

And she kindly explained that different types of blood taste as good and as different as foods taste for me.
I doubted it, and she explained that:

“You are under the impression that just because the human civilization considers itself as being advanced, because of the technology it creates, it really is. Well I am here to tell you, that just because we’re (the kinship) ancient, we’re more advanced in some areas, than the human civilization.

For example, your medics hold it so dearly that they are the know-everything, that they are on the verge on unlocking the secret to eternal life, to healing diseases. They use state-of-the-art technology and yet, fail miserably.”

I remember she had a pretty big speech about it and felt pretty proud saying it, and at the end, to make my point here, she noted:

“Your dear doctors live under the false impression, regardless of all their technology, that there are a mere four or five types of blood. And that’s it.” She said.

“There are hundreds.” She added.

I gasped. Could that be possible? But how? How could it be possible and undiscovered?

“How do you know?” I asked.

“I tasted them all.” She replied.

And then and there I understood that blood could be, for them, as flavored as different kinds of pizzas or ice-creams can be for us.
Yet, I found it hard to believe, that there could be so much many more blood types than we know.
I mean, we’re trying to unlock the secrets of genetic engineering and we don’t even have a clue about how many blood types there are? That’s preposterous!

Anyway, I digressed.
Back to the monastery story:

The plan was to break into the monastery, go into the main hall, we knew the inside because we already had visited this place countless times, it was open for tourists during the day.

Once in the main hall, it was pretty simple, Blanche kisses Viktor, me and Sophia watch, and when any monk appears, Blanche stops kissing Viktor and growls as loud as she can towards the monk. Then we run. And laugh.

It was the most stupid thing we could think of and I was pretty sure that, if Regina was here, she would have a seizure out of anger, and Blanche was also aware that if Viktoria would know, she would surely break at least a few bones in her body.

But they weren’t.

We kept talking and laughing all the way into the monastery and by the time we reached the main prayer hall, we realized that it was almost packed full.

It was full of monks.
At that point I remember we, including me, wanted to back out, but Sophia was very determined in scaring the monks. So she urged Blanche to push forward, and we followed.

We stood right in the hallway, and we needed a very creepy but effective way of getting at least a bunch of them out from the room and into the hallway.

The hallway was sort of an open hallway. Imagine two rooms, with an arch as a door between them. Now imagine in the left room, a wall that doesn’t go all the way from on side to the other, it just splits the left room, vertically, into two equal sized hallways. As such, one could cross the doorway and continue going, then take a left and end back from where he started, without going through the same spot twice.

So we did. Blanche and Viktor stopped before crossing the doorway, and Sophia took off all her clothes, shoved them in my hand, giggled and slowly crossed the doorway, dragging her feet behind her.

I remember I thought, at the time: “This is bad. This is very bad.” and “She’s seen to many movies, way too many movies.”

But it was effective, Blanche started kissing and hugging Viktor in the second she saw that and I could see Viktor opening his eyes widely all of a sudden. I knew what that meant, I knew he just felt the extending by now fangs. Blanche was already growling softly, like a purring cat.

Sophia’s “intervention” was effective. Almost instantly there were voices and waves of different mangled sounds coming from the prayer room and I could hear the steps of monks headed towards the doorway in a hurry. This was it.

About ten or more monks came out through the door in the same time, and when they saw the two kissing they stopped suddenly and said: “What are you doing here?! THIS IS A MONASTERY!”.

They figured it was a porn movie maybe, seeing Sophia naked, and then seeing these two lovebirds…
Man they were wrong.

Blanche didn’t stop kissing Viktor and the monk put his hand on Blanche’s shoulder in a gesture to try and pry the two apart but almost instantly, like a spider feeling the vibrations in the air, with an amazing speed, Blanche switched from Viktor’s mouth to the monk’s hand and bit him hard.

The monk started screaming like hell, the other monks stood back a bit and when Blanche released, she remembered what she actually needed to do, so, with a bit of extra added effect, her mouth being now covered in blood and her eyes deep black with that distinctive reddish tint, she opened her mouth, exactly like in Hollywood style movies, cocked her head towards all of them and let out such a gruesome roar that I had to literally cover my ears.

By god I had no idea Blanche, or any of the kinship, could do that. It was like she grew extra vocal cords. She sounded like a lion and a bat with that specific high-pitch screech in the same time.

And she managed to keep it up for over ten seconds.
I could see the colors on the monks faces changing through a variety of pallets, from white to blue, green and yellow, then back to white.

Some of them instantly dropped to their knees and started praying to all kinds of deities, the one bit by Blanche was still screaming, now even louder.

Two monks either fainted or had heart-attacks and only one of them threw himself towards Blanche screaming “Demons!” in the process. Blanche dodged him with a very elegant move and let him land on the floor behind her like a man jumping in an empty pool.

She laughed loudly for a few seconds, looked at me and then we ran.

Blanche didn’t run faster than us, she made sure we all got out safely and we were all together. We planned on running all the way to Sophia’s house and we kept laughing in the same time. It’s exhausting you know, to run and laugh in the same time.

I don’t know from where and how, but while we were running, from four people, we turned into five.
I looked behind me to see if someone is following, and then when I turned my head around, in the process, I noticed someone running along my right side, who wasn’t there before.

I looked amazed at it and then saw the distinct smile and heard that voice you can’t forget.

“Very funny…” It was Viktoria.

We didn’t stop running all the way to Sophia’s house and we all quickly went inside except Viktoria which was at the doorway looking angry towards us…

“Oh! That’s right! You can’t come in!” Sophia said excitedly.

“Don’t tempt me…” Viktoria said.

“I’ll let you in if you promise not to punish Blanche, it was my idea!” Sophia said again.

“I promise.” Viktoria said.

“Then please, be my guest.” Sophia said, and urged her to enter with a hand gesture of welcome.

Viktoria instantly burst into the house at a high velocity and before we knew it Blanche was writhing in pain on the floor.

Viktoria was above her looking menacing towards us.

“You lied! I resent your invitation!” Sophia said, but nothing happened.

Sophia didn’t knew, but the invitation, once given, cannot be withdrawn. Viktoria didn’t show any expression and just looked towards us to see if we were reacting.

Blanche was still hissing and growling and writhing in pain on the floor. In a quick move, apparently, Viktoria did indeed break a lot of bones in Blanche’s body.

Blanche puked blood, had maybe three or four broken ribs, a broken leg and her right arm was in a zig-zag, broken in three or four places.

It took a full week for Blanche to recover fully and a constant supply of food from the three of us. Remember, Blanche was still more human than vampire. She was a moroi, and inferior rang vampire, and she would continue to be that for the long years to come. She was a vampire but she still continued to eat and drink just like us, although increasingly more rarely, focusing more and more on blood. She was still prone to aging and wounding herself in the coming years.

After things settled down that night, Viktoria handed me an envelope and said:

“From Regina.”

I took the envelope and put it in my pocket, planning on reading it alone, at home. At the time I was more concerned about not escalating the situation with Blanche which was still on the floor. She requested to remain there until she feels up to walking, that took almost the whole night. Sophia’s parents were sleeping and didn’t wake up to any of this, Blanche was gone by morning, everything turned out ok, in that direction.

But other directions went wrong.

In any case, it seemed a weird coincidence that Viktoria popped out just like this. How did she even knew where we were?

Apparently, after a very delicate questioning, she had been stalking Blanche for the past week, and was pleased how she was doing, until tonight, when she decided to finally intervene. It didn’t seem like a coincidence so much now.

Needles to say, Blanche was only partially guilty of this, we had pushed her, and we would do it soon enough again.
But for now, I will refrain in telling you that the night ended in Viktoria breaking another finger of Blanche’s left arm, trying to make a point. Telling her:

“I’m always going to watch you, don’t forget that.”

And with that she thanked Sophia for the invitation, making a small hint that if she was ever in town again and feeling hungry….

Sophia shivered. Joked about stacking garlic around her windows and doors, although she knew that did nothing.

With that Viktoria urged me to read the letter as soon as possible, and left like any normal being, calling a cab. Go figure.

As soon as she left we continued to laugh and Blanche, even though in a lot of pain, felt giddy, laughed with us and didn’t feel sorry for doing it not even for a second. She was laughing in pain, on the floor.

I went home with Viktor, but Sophia assured us she’ll be fine. She was, a week later.

The next day when I woke up, the first thing I did was call Blanche, and after being pleased with hearing she’s fine, I opened the letter and started reading it.

It made my day a very clear blue skies day, although I could see dark clouds holding their position on the horizon, ready to strike at any time.

It was a letter from Regina.


Now, you have to understand, that this part of the story doesn’t necessarily add anything new or of relevance to the story, or to the point I’m making, but the fact is that this is not a book, this is not a story with a beginning, a plot, a conflict, a culminating point and an end. It’s a story with ups and downs, because it is real life. And real life has that, it has boring days and intense days.

I didn’t really need to put this in, I could have just skipped to the next important part, but I won’t do that. It was and still is, a funny part, showing you that not everything was grim or supernatural, or had to do with killings or anything out of the ordinary. we were just some kids pulling a prank, but again, with a small twist.
I have decided to give you each and every detail that has to do with the subject of this blog. The only thing that I do is explain in detail the main events, and condense the other periods (longer periods with little to no relevance) into shorter posts, like this one.

And if by any chance, you are thinking of leaving a comment about “how are you posting this thing about the monastery, aren’t you afraid of the police, wasn’t there investigations, etc.?” my response is that no. there was no police investigation, there was nothing. the monks never said anything to anyone and we never heard about the incident, not from the media, not from anyone.

there’s no danger in putting this here because, even in the case of one of those ten monks actually reading this, there’s no way he can prove what happened in reality, or he can prove that I was actually there.

We were young then and we look different now, we all got older and passed in the adulthood sides. Viktor has a beard for fuck’s sake.

alternative history anyone? let’s have a look

February 22, 2012 § 14 Comments

these last three posts, this one included, was to please the readers.

the first one of the series detailed on the format of the story ( your story looks like a fantasy work ) the second one detailed two pages of my diary, which was to satisfy both a request and a promise ( two pages of another life – my diary ) and this one here is to satisfy yet another request, which was made through a rather short request, but inclusive.

“if you really know how shit went down in history, then you should write about it”

My only concern was, for not writing about it sooner, that if I do write about this, it will cause two things:

A) Separate from the story – it doesn’t add anything new to it.

B) Make the story even more science fiction than it already seems.

Well, right now I couldn’t care less. This is what I’ve learned and that’s that, whether you like it or not.

So let’s put this into context:

Over the course of my time spent with Regina, Viktoria and others, I’ve taken part in discussions, some more interesting than others, some boring, some mind-blowing.

Few of the discussions had me as a subject – as in – they were stories told directly to me, and not discussed among them.
Some stories were answers to my questions. Some were answers to other’s questions, and some were given as example for present day events.

So let’s start our alternative history lesson.

Napoleon Bonaparte

First, apparently Napoleon was a “short fat and angry man”  and he had a “twitch in his left eye that made you twitch yourself every time he did it”.

Viktoria was a common sight at Napoleon’s arm, she influenced him in retreating from Russia and later helped him escape Elba.
She knew Joseph Bonaparte too, which stole La Peregria (biggest pearl in history) for her. Viktoria never had the pearl, which ended up in England. She still wants it to this day, I think it’s her precious.

She remembers it as being the harshest punishment she ever got from Regina. For interfering with human affairs.
They are not responsible for his death, which was a poisoning and not stomach cancer.

Gregori Rasputin

Rasputin never healed Alexei who supposedly had hemophilia.
Alexei in fact presented 100% the effects of a porphyria child. Alexei was in fact the born child of man and vampire, and all he needed was blood. Nobody thought of offering him to drink blood, except Rasputin. Who did. As soon as Rasputin found out what Alexei was, he was executed by the elder in the region at the time. Shot in the head.

Alexei would have stopped aging soon if he wouldn’t have been killed. The bones discovered were burned, but still had signs of hemophilia B in them, a symptom present in all moroi that do not feed.

Marilyn Monroe

While the WW2 was raging in Europe, Regina and Viktoria were both in the U.S where they met and spent a considerable amount of time with Marilyn Monroe. Viktoria says that Regina was deeply influenced, more than she should have been, by Marilyn herself, and in turn, Regina also influenced Monroe deeply.

Before leaving the U.S, Monroe was deeply depressed at Regina helped her overcome it, which apparently didn’t last, not even a year. She deliberately made herself known to Monroe and showed her that the world is much more than she thinks.

Monroe was deeply impressed about the unity of the vampires, which disregarded race, nationality, religious belief or ancestry.
The last interview Monroe ever gave was one year later after Regina left the U.S, and Regina read the interview and wept. She’s not afraid to do that, even to this day. I’m stupefied that such a being, after so many years, can still find reasons to cry and laugh.

The interview talked about the fact that what the world really needs is a “feeling of kinship”. Regina knew she was referring to her, and still talks about Monroe to this day.

Nicephore Niepce

He was the inventor of photography and according to Viktoria, the photography industry almost never happened. Regina decided in the last moment that Niepce will not be interfered with, because he had already produced the first photograph which scared the majority of the kinship. They wanted him dead but Regina declared otherwise.

For ten years Viktoria was at his side, in the shadows. Protecting him from others like her, and nothing else. The world could have been a totally different place without Regina’s intervention. Niepce is known in the kinship world as being one of the few humans to receive a libel (free-pass) even though he worked apparently, against the kinship, not towards its interests.

Regina didn’t regret it for a second.

Lumiere brothers

The same move was made with the Lumiere brothers which would have been wiped from the face of the Earth without Viktoria’s presence for 6 years at their side.

Both photography and movies were considered very dangerous inventions for the kinship at the time.

Later, Regina told me how she was very fascinated, which rarely happened, by movies. She was addicted to movies for a period and knows by heart, to this day, the first hundred movies ever made. She was and still is a great fan of Georges Melies. I wish she would be here today to see Hugo the movie with me. We would deeply enjoy it.

The ottoman empire

Regina actively interfered in very few events, but most of them were related to the invasion of the Turks in modern day Romania.
She had, and still has, an obsession of  continuing Dracula’s (Vlad the Impaler) work of keeping Transylvania away from the muslim world.

She actively promoted action against the Ottoman empire, promoted allegiances that would hurt the empire, sent her most trusted to influence Europe’s highest aristocracy to promote and protect Transylvania as a region.

It was her doing of taking Transylvania from Hungary and putting it under Romanian control, because of a failed allegiance between Hungary and the Austrian Empire, of which she did not approve.

The kinship treaty of Vienna from 1760 dealt and headed specifically towards this. Viktoria had been prior to the treaty, dispatched for thirty years in France where she influenced King Louise’s the XVth eldest daughter, Adelaide, into opposing her father’s decisions which regarded external politics, and also influenced the king himself, turning him in favor of a Franco-Ottoman allegiance against the Habsburg empire.

Which succeeded.

Madame de Popmadour was a pawn used to influence King Louis XV, she had first hand knowledge of both Viktoria and Regina, and had many advantages because of them. She went ill at the age of 42 and refused to accept the turning. She died as a result.


Viktoria keeps saying that she was one of Picasso’s models and she’s very proud of it. I don’t believe her and Regina laughed every time Viktoria mentioned this. I think it’s some kind of an inside joke of theirs.

I don’t believe her because Viktoria said many things, from being the subject of a poem (considered nowadays to be a vampire poem) called Lenora to saying that she watched Van Gogh paint with his mouth. She also claims that she had met Voltaire in her little excursion to Versailles, to have influenced his writing and wait for it, the best one – she said that she’s the one responsible for the infamous saying that “the moon is made out of green cheese”. I laughed.

August Comte

However, Regina seemed to have been into more serious business. She influenced August Comte and his writing. She deliberately made herself known, as in the case of Marilyn, to Comte and explained to him the kinship society.

This strongly influenced his thinking. He even came up with the term “queen science”. Funny.
Comte was influenced by the touch of social interaction and the close relationships in the kinship world which, for an outsider, will look as something out of a Karl Marx book or some sort of dictatorship.

Regina urged him to write about values that distance religion from European society. Regina recognized religion (not because she’s a demon, but because it’s true) as being a bad influence on the scientific development of Europe.

As a result, Comte (and Marx) came up with the a new secular ideology which had strong roots and is considered to be the spark of the European secularization.

Secularization (of a society) (definition) = transforming a society which identifies itself with religious values into a non-religious society which, without religious values, will most likely identify with scientific ones.

Francis II Rackoczi

He was the prince of Hungary and Transylvania and shared the same belief with Regina concerning the Habsburg empire. As a result, Regina pushed him even further and successfully had him lead a Hungarian uprising against the Habsburgs.

The bigger picture here was separate Hungary from Austria and then separate Transylvania from Hungary.

France was already in the works with Hungary and that is why, after Rackoczi’s imprisonment, France was seen as the next best thing into separating the Habsburg empire.

Regina blamed Rackocz and refused him what he most wanted (turning) for not taking the Polish crown which was offered to him twice and still believes to this day that the European landscape would have been very, very different if he would have accepted it. The Poles had great support from Peter I of Russia at the time, and could have led a very successful invasion into the Habsburg empire anytime.

We could have been all talking Russian by now. Forget Hitler.

Maria Theresa

Maria Theresa was the ruler of the Habsburg empire for over forty years and could have easily been thrown off the throne or killed, but Regina ordered otherwise.

Maria Theresa had great power in her hands and Regina supported her views. Although Regina didn’t agree to the Habsburg empire, which was, once again, an obsession to her, she always had fought against crushing Transylvania and Wallachia between the Turks and the Habsburgs, she considered, and still considers, Vlad the Impaler as being her role model.

Which is of no surprise, considering that Vlad the Impaler was the great-uncle of Regina’s mother, Elizabeth Bathory.

Anyway, Maria Theresa.

Yes, she was needed but also needed to be taken down. Regina protected her instead, against all odds, because Maria Theresa promoted things Regina approved of, like financial reforms, educational reforms and most importantly, refused religious tolerance in her empire.

Giacomo Casanova ( I’m really going to be sorry for this, it’s preposterous!)

I don’t know how to put this any other way, but… I’ve met him?

Yes, he’s gorgeous, yes, he’s mischievous, and yes, each second sentence he says is a joke. He’s a joker, smiles and laughs all the time. He’s a nice company. And he has fangs.

This sounds fun right? IT WAS.

I asked him seriously how many women did he made love with and he said just one, and looked at Regina.
I’m jealous to this day, but also deeply proud! Imagine that!

I have to tell you, from all the things on this blog, this was the most impressive thing that ever happened to me.
It’s like meeting Elvis! (who is dead, yes, don’t get any ideas).

Anyway, you don’t believe me?

Here’s a NOTED, HISTORICAL, VERIFIABLE fact said by the Count of Saint-Germain about Casanova:

Count de Saint-Germain: “This very singular man, born to be the most barefaced of all imposters, declared with impunity, with a casual air, that he was three hundred years old, that he possessed the universal medicine, that he made anything he liked from nature, that he created diamonds.”

You can read this quote in a book by J. Rives Childs.

And he still says that to this day, although nobody believes him.
He still claims to be a magician.

He said: “I’m the magician of the kinship, I can turn night into day and iron into gold”. They all laughed when he said that and I felt like a child seeing a coin pulled out behind his ear by a “magician”.

This happened during the stay at Chateau de Launay.
Apparently he faked his own birth certificate. Go figure.

He speaks, acts and looks like Captain Jack Sparrow. I’m dead serious.

Please don’t flame me on this.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Apparently he was a very, very beautiful man. – Described by Karl, which is by no means a gay man. So he must have been beautiful indeed.
He also knew Regina which led him to change his whole way of thinking and ended up in arguing with Hobbes against human nature.
Rousseau’s main point was that man is not evil, by essence. I’m pretty sure by this point he met Regina because before meeting her, studying Rousseau myself, I always found that I thought he was wrong. I considered the human being as being primarily evil, becoming “good” only superficially, constrained by society and moral values imposed on him.

However, after meeting Regina, I changed my viewpoint 180 degrees.

Rousseau considered, like Regina, that society has a negative impact on human kind but also that there is a need of law and morality which without, make of the state of human nature a primitive condition.

Boring but interesting stuff if you put them in context.

You have to understand that all of the kinship’s influence spans over centuries, and something started today may have the end result seen centuries later.


Timisoara, an obscure (at the time) city in Romania, compared to the great capitals of Europe, was the first city to be illuminated, public space wise, by electricity.

Why? Why this particular town?

Because “The Doctor” was living there at the time, and nights seemed too dark to bear anymore. So “The Doctor” made it possible.
I’m sorry but I just can’t stop comparing a certain someone which seems to have influenced everything that I know of with “The Doctor” – for me, as an outsider, he’s a time traveler by definition.

Anyway, these are just few of the cases in which the kinship interacted with famous people. The list goes on and on and on and you would be amazed by the existence of so, so many small details that made everything else change.

I cannot even imagine how the world would have looked like without the kinship.
I also cannot even begin to imagine how would the world would have looked like with a kinship that had a different ruler.

Although not religious myself, god forbid something would happen to Regina. There’s nobody else to take her place. Nobody suited as well as her. And god forbid Viktoria would assume the role. With her style of thinking and her very, very impulsive behavior, I wouldn’t be surprised to witness the latest Underworld (which has as a subject, if you don’t have the time to see it, a war between vampires and humans) movie twenty years from now. Seriously.

Here’s a list of names I heard being discussed, but haven’t noted down anything else except the names.

I remember some of the details for some of them, like the nature of the interaction, but nothing more, so I’ll just keep it at that. A list of people, some more known that others, that were influenced, directly or indirectly, by the kinship.

Think of the details. Think of how many of these people wouldn’t have been famous today or wouldn’t have made a difference without the kinship.

I really believe that Europe is deeply non-religious because of the kinship itself.
Look around you!
The highest concentration of the kinship is in Europe, Regina only acted in the interest of these territories and was only concerned about them, always. Although, lately, it has become increasingly vital to influence other parts also.

Anyway, look at the U.S – deeply religious.

Look at the middle-east – it’s a mess.

Now look at Europe, look at Sweden for example, country where Regina actively interferes with politics to this day, continuing to promote “the feeling of kinship” that Marilyn Monroe herself was talking about. You would be amazed of some of Sweden’s Social Democratic Party members.

Anyway, this is the list:

Laura Bassi – first European college teacher. Was inspired by the strength of a kinship member.

Andres Celsius – he felt the uncanny warmth of a kinship member in the cold weather of Sweden and as a response to that he got “It’s because of the weather”. Apparently that’s where he got his idea that there must be a temperature that’s constant regardless of weather (freezing or boiling). He later published the paper named “Observations of two persistent degrees on a thermometer” which used the scale in two steps increments, and influenced by the same member with a single question: “Why complicate already established things?” he decided to use the Roman “centigrade” instead, which was incremental from 0(zero) in steps of one, to 100.

Anne Bonny – famous woman pirate, still alive today. She’s a kinship member. She knew Edward Teach (Blackbeard) as a child, which inspired her in becoming a pirate. She was turned during her pirate years, by a crew member. He went to sleep in the ship’s bowels and woke up in the middle of the sea with nothing but the crew to feed on. He fed on her and turned her. Interesting stuff.

Darwin – fucking Darwin – he was one of the few left to know about vampires, not turned or killed, after he had an encounter and a love/hate relationship with one. Look what happened with that! Look what impact that had on history. He became amazed with evolution. Many people pondered how is it that he was so obsessed with it, here’s your answer.

Emanuel Swedenborg

Joseph Perl

David Hume

Alexis Clairaut



John Whitehurst

Jean-Baptiste Denys, who is considered to be the inventor of a method of blood transfusion, was a vampire, and is very well alive today. Viktoria told me. I shat bricks.

Edward Jenner – now this is interesting, he invented vaccination after studying vampire blood which nobody knows how he got apparently, in which he observed a new type of T-cells not present in normal blood. He saw them in action against anything he threw at them, and the kinship deducted that there’s where from he got the idea that he can derive a certain response from normal human T-cells by exposing them, deliberately, in small doses, with the disease in question. He later patented the famous smallpox vaccine. Imagine that. Call vampires monsters now if you dare.

Lugi Vanvitelli and Alexander Kokorinov – both architects

Battista – painter

Bach – yes, that one. Yes, I’m serious.

Charles III

Ahmed III – sultan of the Ottoman empire, recognized Regina instantly for what she was and tried killing her on the spot. I can’t blame her for the hatred of the Ottomans….

And as a bonus…

I know all these are just random and not in a chronological order, so I figured I’ll add the very last thing (i.e most recent) that Regina and Co. were involved in, although I’m not really sure about this.

As you’ll bound to find out sooner or later if you continue reading this blog, the whole story will stop by 2010. At least directly… Yes, sorry to disappoint you, but don’t worry, there’s still years of the story left.

The story ends with Regina disappearing. I’ve told this to a number of readers whom I have been in contact with over e-mail, but only that. However, the circumstances in which Regina disappeared left me… hanging. I think this is a good post into which to include that very thing.

It was 2010 and Regina was in Poland – for over six months she and Viktoria have been working on something to which I sincerely have no knowledge about to this day, but they kept going back and forth Poland and Russia, both of them, and all I knew at the time was that they were heavily interfering in politics, something that they rarely did these days….

Anyway, I don’t know exactly where Regina was last time, all I know is that she was always on the move between Russia and Poland and all I know is that by coincidence, the day the plane crashed was also the last day in which I had any contact with her.

What plane crash? The one in 2010, that crashed in Russian territory and killed the Polish president, his family, all the highest ranking government officials of the Polish government, including top military chiefs, commanders and generals. Over 100 of them in total. Basically, the whole Polish government and military.  This one.

I’m not implying that Regina had anything to do with it, I’m just saying that crash smelled bad from the beginning for everyone, and for me it was just… a very dubious coincidence.

I’ll tell you one thing: I’m pretty sure they are somehow connected, and this won’t be the last time we will hear about that crash.

Also, no, she wasn’t in that plane.

Next part is an excerpt from an e-mail with a reader:

Imagine that! Imagine how all of the human history could be totally different from what we know today, and they had the power to change it.
I can only be grateful that there was someone like Regina, who understood that they shouldn’t intervene and did so wisely and rarely.
And that’s what I mean when I say she’s a good person. She had the power of decision, and made the right ones, over and over again.
She watched and observed, but rarely intervened.

Imagine that – Hitler could have been stopped, by them, but he wasn’t, by her command. Nobody interferes, you do not protect or kill Hitler. You let the humans do what humans usually do – fight.
It’s mind boggling just thinking of this, so I’d rather focus on the future.

It’s just… wrecking, hearing these things.
Humans cannot comprehend a life of 500 years. It’s impossible because we’re conditioned by our own existence, we’re conditioned by knowing our life to be one hundred, max, not five.
So it sounds… ridiculous. All of it.

Everytime I had one of these stories told, I needed to say stop, let me think for a week (figuratively speaking), redo all of human history in my head, and then I can listen to another one.

If all these things happened, just imagine how many others have happened, the small details, that we don’t know about!
You could write a very big book called “alternative history” and publish it as fiction, just based on these events above.


I’m going to be very sorry for posting this.


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