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November 5, 2012 § 1 Comment

Like I was saying at the beginning of another post, the human body is a very agile and complex machine, and you give it less credit than you should. I really think that, before continuing, you should push that link and re-read the beginning of that post, and more importantly, watch that video.

Then come back here, and watch this:

Now tell me: How is my story about people climbing buildings and running around on rooftops or jumping around so far-fetched again? That’s a person with barely any training, a few months of it, if even, a human, that can be he both hurt easily and is constantly held back by his fear of falling or hurting. Just stop here for a few seconds and think about this: How would this movie look like with 20 years of training, no fear of falling, and tenfold more strength?  Answer that for yourself, and in that moment you’ll realize how it isn’t so science fiction what you hear (or see) about vampires climbing buildings and windows as easy as cake.

Do you feel safe where you are now? In the comfort of your own home, with the window “safely above street level” ? Watch the video, think again. Understand why it is imperative for them to keep a ‘stay away’ principle in which they can’t go into anyone’s home.

What that video shows is terribly easy, and with the least amount of training and effort you can easily pull it off. You would be amazed what you can do with several years of training, and you would be amazed what you could do with hundreds of years of training, a lot more strength, and I must emphasize this again because it truly is the most important: no fear of death. If we would have that extra mile, as humans, not to be afraid of death or of hurting ourselves… we could accomplish so much more, in every aspect of life.

But this was intended to be a short post and I’ll keep it that way, all I wanted was for you to see that video.

The next part of the story is coming out tomorrow.

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