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October 31, 2012 § 2 Comments

Alright, if you’ve been following the blog for long enough and have been the least interested in picking up the small trail of subtle things I’ve left behind, you’re pretty much going to love this.

What subtle things? Well, for example the post in which I ┬ámention I clearly knew for some years about Regina telling me how there’s so many different tastes to a humans blood and how she knows there are tens of blood-types out there that we don’t know about.

At the time I was called quite a few names over e-mail, people went on about “keep your fantasy to you but how you dare in trying to disprove thousands of real scientists” – on a later date, to my tremendous satisfaction, just out of thin air, some scientists discovered new blood types, predicting there’s many more of them, well… what do you know. Some might call me Nostradamus. I expect an apology. No, I don’t, but please find it in your heart to at least try to think at the possibility of me not being a total bullshit after making such a bold prediction.

Alright then, some might say: Lucky coincidence. Really? Do you really think someone would be THAT lucky to say there’s tens of blood types out there and then just like that scientists discover he’s actually right?

It’s all there in the blog.

“I had inside info.” – Alright, how’s this for inside info:

Like my father used to say: “Anything that is false today could be true tomorrow. Time means everything, and it goes both ways (the meaning).”

So, a while back I was writing an “alternative history” post in which I included, among other things, the last time I’ve seen Regina. I mentioned how I thought she was involved somehow in the plane crash that killed the Polish president back in 2010, and I had that itching feeling something wasn’t right about the whole thing. I didn’t expand on it. I tried investigating the thing many, many times. Believe me, for months I’ve went around poking the bear in different areas and the whole thing was such a hush-hush that just reeked of tampering from a mile away. I didn’t say anything on the blog, the last thing I want is to be catalogued as conspiracy theory lunatic.

However, once again, my “Nostradamus” character comes into play. My father was right, time does turn false into truth.

Yesterday, the 30th of October 2012, more than two years after it happened, this thing pops out of nowhere: Explosive traces in the plane that killed the Polish government.

This isn’t and will not be, a part of this story. Because it happened afterwards, because conspiracy theories do not interest you. This is here for my sole amusement.

Also, three days before the report on the investigation that found the explosives was published, a key witness (flight engineer) in the whole investigation apparently ‘killed himself’.

I’m not implying anything. I’m just putting here what’s out there in the news, showing you how I FUCKING SAID IT ALL ALONG that something wasn’t right about the whole thing.

For a long time, I suspected the Americans because they have been known to attempt such feats at least a dozen times before (see Ecuador case for example) and mainly because of what I found out over the years between US – Poland – Russia relations, and how they changed right after the crash.

But this post is getting into politics. It was meant to provide an update to something that I stated earlier to which I had nothing to back it up with. Just like I did with the blood types post, backed it up at a later time, I do so with this post now.

Any critique greatly appreciated.

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