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September 17, 2012 § 10 Comments

This is not part of the story, but a short interruption, which explains the ending of the last part [story part 32]. This little piece of history is an insight into the past lives and history of the american vampire.

The story of vampires in the U.S starts about twenty years before Regina left Sighisoara. Around 1850.

With enough population by now, significant industrialization and opportunities, the U.S was now being targeted for the first time as a promising expansion of territory. This was to be the first and only ample territory expansion of the kinship outside of Europe up until this day.

Numerous elders uprooted and left their lives on the old continent at Regina’s indication, in 1850, and headed for establishing territorial boundaries in the U.S. By the year 1870, this was done.

The last post showed you how Regina lived and “died” in Sighisoara, at least according to the papers, with the death year in 1873.

For the first time, she had left the old continent behind for more than twenty years, and went to further establish the kinship’s expansion into the U.S, with territories spanning at the time mostly in the northern most regions, across the U.S and Canada, from Boston to New Orleans and across the U.S up to Seattle, down to Portland and to the right towards Chicago, with the last city falling under territorial influence being Vancouver in Canada, in 1886. Seattle remains to this day the preferred city in the U.S. Regina first stepped into Vancouver in May 1887, I remember this because of the “Day Game”. It was a silly yet highly addictive game (for me) – in which when we were travelling and I was bored out of my skull – I used to randomly throw days at her, and she would tell me “Firsts” and then we built conversations on that. I found it amazing that she had a “First” for each and every day of the year. For example throwing out November 22nd she would casually say “Uhmmm I saw my first atomic bomb go off” sometimes I would ask the year, sometimes I would guess.

What’s more interesting about the game is 1) She remembers them all, 2) Calling them “firsts” imply there were seconds too, but some of them were “firsts and only”.

But I’m digressing. The point here is that Regina left the old continent as soon as everything was set for the U.S expansion, so in 1873, just like the tombstone in the photo shows (the photo in the last post). Using the same name (which is on the tombstone) we can track this down via copies of the U.S New York Port authority.

If you go to and input Regina Abraham as first and last name, with the birthdate in 1825 and the place where she might have lived as Romania, you will end up with results (from the 8th down) that shows copies of original documents of the New York Passenger Lists between 1820 and 1957. Sure, there might be a lot more people with that name, but there you have it.

Alternatively you can go directly here to check it out, or here or search it more easily via the New York Passenger Lists website, powered also by

You can also find the same EXACT match on – America’s first Immigration Center, view it here or perform the search yourself without providing country (The result for country is U. – short for unknown).

You can also find the same match in printed books of records, more info here or ultimately perform the search on National Archives website which is a bit more complicated but I can simplify it by pointing you direct to the databases located here.

There’s also GeneSearch, which leads to the same results.

After her arrival in the U.S, she shortly returned in Europe after WW1 and then went back again for the full duration of WW2.

How do I know all this? I specifically asked on how did vampires got to the U.S and when, and I got this history lesson in return. Why was I interested? Because at the time there seemed to be an exploding mass-media focus (Hollywood movies and series) about vampires, and I wanted to know from where all the fascination.

Seeing as this is related to my last post, I figured I should squeeze it in here.

Next up story part 33, as usual, from where we left off.

where have you been?

September 13, 2012 § 8 Comments

Like I’ve been telling my readers (the ones who contact me) I was planning to go home in Sighisoara, back where it all started. Not for good, just for summer.

I used to consider it too dangerous to go back, which might just be true. However, something happened (which will be in the story as soon as I get with it to the current year) but all in all it has proven to be a fruitful journey.

I’m very, very tempted to give away free spoilers here, but I’m going to refrain myself. I’m just going to say that the whole point of this was, among others, the fact that I haven’t been there in years, the fact that I haven’t talked with anyone back home in years, the fact that I didn’t know anything new about Viktor, Blanche or Sophia.

That was until I got an e-mail from Sophia asking me to come home as soon as possible. Which I did.

Next up, story part number 30, from where I left off, which is more precisely the winter of 2006. We’re closing in here, just six more years to go.

promises fulfiled

April 21, 2012 § 32 Comments

as I promised in the latest part of the story, I have been working on compiling a post that sheds a bit more light into the “can prove” part. This included a bit of traveling (I needed to see for myself, I’m sure you can relate) so that is why it took a bit longer.

But anyway, here it is.

  • I’ll start with making it again known, the fact that Regina told years before about different blood types. If you read the story up until now, you found the part in which I was saying how there are hundreds of blood-types, but we only knew, until now, that there are only a few. If you read that specific post (won’t say which, you just have to read the whole thing) then you also saw how I proved I knew (from Regina) before the news that scientists discovered (this year) new blood-types with the potential of tens more existing.

In any case, that thought specifically has started me into looking more in the biology part, and trough a lot of searching and digging, I’ve found the most relevant thing, in the place I least expected. Turns out, there actually is a vampire research center, and it is a legitimate institute, focusing on research (biological) and on vampires.

I’ve been in contact with them, and visited some of their locations and saw for myself what they have to offer, and also, collaborated with them, offering them the manifesto on vampires that I’ve written (you can find it in the documents section of this blog).

I think you should pay their website a visit, because they confirm 100% of the facts that I’ve listed here. I only worked with them specifically because of that thing, the fact that they had everything right, that led me to believe they really were on to something, and after visiting them, I’ve been more than amazed. This is their website. Mind you, if you really, really want hard evidence, besides what I’ve left here for you, places to go, things too see, you can visit any location of the QVRC – you just have to make an appointment with them and go see for yourself. I shit you not, it’s worth it.

  • Next up is this thing. A creepy pasta story. For those of you who know what creepy past is, good. For those who don’t, Google it.

Now, this story was posted way before I posted on my blog that part of the story. I need to tell you, this story managed to creep me out more than it should have.

What’s the story about? It’s about a guy who actually followed me and Regina, years ago, when we were in Sweden, into the church, and then wrote the whole thing as a creepy pasta and posted it on the internet.

You can actually read that part of the story (through my eyes) here. And then (or before) read the part of the story written but somebody else who actually followed us. I was amazed when I found this thing, and I remember I really, really felt somebody was watching me back then. But that’s another story. What’s interesting here is that you have the account of the same event, told by two different persons. One is me, and the other one is the Swedish guy. I have tried to take a hold of him, source the photo, contact the owner of the website where the creepy pasta was posted and ask for e-mail, but to no avail.

  • The last part of this post is about another blog, which I’ve recently been contacted by, and started collaborating. This blog was started before my blog, by a person who makes no real efforts to stay hidden or anything of the sorts.

It is a blog about a girl, with the exact same description as Regina, being categorized as a time traveler, who skips through time and appears and disappears in different places, looking the same. Also, this blog talks about, what I believe, is me, in their latest sighting. Anyone reading that blog would think the guy is rambling, but if you know about my story, and then read his blog, you will be a bit surprised about the accuracy of their facts.

This is the blog where you can read about the whole thing.

As a bonus, I’ll tell you this: I knew these people existed, and Regina did also. They are for real, everything in that story is more or less accurate, as seen through their eyes, and Regina actually had someone to several of their meetings.

I actually told one of my readers from this blog, a month or so ago, this exact same thing. We started discussing more and more and at one point we got to the fact that how is it that Regina was never spotted, and I specifically told him about this.

We talked anonymously, and I don’t have the e-mail initially sent by him, but he knows who he is, and if you’re still reading, please confirm this fact. I have no screen shots of our talk, but a confirmation from you (and to anyone who might contact you) would be welcome.

I’ll be posting the next parts of the story soon, as I’m sure you’re more interested in that, rather than meaningless explanations. However until then, catch-up with the reading of what I posted above.

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