where have you been?

September 13, 2012 § 8 Comments

Like I’ve been telling my readers (the ones who contact me) I was planning to go home in Sighisoara, back where it all started. Not for good, just for summer.

I used to consider it too dangerous to go back, which might just be true. However, something happened (which will be in the story as soon as I get with it to the current year) but all in all it has proven to be a fruitful journey.

I’m very, very tempted to give away free spoilers here, but I’m going to refrain myself. I’m just going to say that the whole point of this was, among others, the fact that I haven’t been there in years, the fact that I haven’t talked with anyone back home in years, the fact that I didn’t know anything new about Viktor, Blanche or Sophia.

That was until I got an e-mail from Sophia asking me to come home as soon as possible. Which I did.

Next up, story part number 30, from where I left off, which is more precisely the winter of 2006. We’re closing in here, just six more years to go.

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§ 8 Responses to where have you been?

  • chin says:

    Being immortal would seem right about now ,six years is a very long time especially the magnitude of writting at the pace your currently going …

  • Robert~ says:

    W00t!! Glad your back and alive. lol.. Looking forward to hearing more.

  • fail says:

    Look man, it’s obvious you’re lying. You and the “endless/timeless girl” blogs both stopped posting around the same time. Then neither one of you posted for several months. Then you both start posting again at the same time. Also the other blog changed their post date for their last post from April to July, just to make it less obvious. Stop lying man, cause I would give my left nut to meet Regina, but I can now see it’s all bullshit.

    • sapindale says:

      I’m not even going to argue with you on this seeing how you’re not even observant enough to notice that the blog you’re talking about has an erratic schedule, posting every 5 months, or sometimes twice a month… It’s there on the category widget.

      I on the other hand post almost everyday. I don’t see how you formed this connection in your mind, and I’m not sure how you drew the conclusion that the blog ‘stopped posting’.

      As far as the other blog, I don’t know what blog you’re refferring to, is it the QVRC? I don’t know why it changes dates, as far as I can see, all the posts there have altered dates (schedule maybe?) – why don’t you ask them? Or better yet: Why don’t you visit them? It’s easier to sit on your ass and bring accusations, I know, but next time, check-out the actual story, and make an effort to check-out the other websites as well, they have listed contact information and everything, you can visit them. But no, it’s better to stay home and make accusations. Please stop reading this blog, it’s not for you.

      • fail-o says:

        The other blog is the same one I was referring to in the post. The timeless girl one. And that’s nice that you would tell me to stop reading your shit. Because I won’t, I want to know what happens, unfortunately for me… Even if that means reading terrible grammar and useless descriptions about the weather, clothes, flowers, and grass /golfclap..

        Oh, and do yourself a favor. Learn the fucking difference between ‘know’ and ‘knew’ Jesus-fucking-titty-sucking Christ

      • sapindale says:

        Hahaha I like you. I’m sorry for the clothes and flowers and the weather, but I think they are important to form a complete image of the surroundings in order to understand where I’m aiming at. As for know/knew/had known – I’m trying.

      • fail-o says:

        Did we just become best friends? Lol, yeah man I understand. I have no room to talk, seeing as I only know one language fluently. And all in all I’m really just sad that you got to have these awesome adventures and meet someone like Regina and I never will… It’s kinda depressing to me. Anyway, keep up the good work and don’t leave us hanging for so long anymore! Lol xD

        P.s. Dunno why I couldn’t reply to your recent post, but there was no button for it.

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