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April 21, 2012 § 32 Comments

as I promised in the latest part of the story, I have been working on compiling a post that sheds a bit more light into the “can prove” part. This included a bit of traveling (I needed to see for myself, I’m sure you can relate) so that is why it took a bit longer.

But anyway, here it is.

  • I’ll start with making it again known, the fact that Regina told years before about different blood types. If you read the story up until now, you found the part in which I was saying how there are hundreds of blood-types, but we only knew, until now, that there are only a few. If you read that specific post (won’t say which, you just have to read the whole thing) then you also saw how I proved I knew (from Regina) before the news that scientists discovered (this year) new blood-types with the potential of tens more existing.

In any case, that thought specifically has started me into looking more in the biology part, and trough a lot of searching and digging, I’ve found the most relevant thing, in the place I least expected. Turns out, there actually is a vampire research center, and it is a legitimate institute, focusing on research (biological) and on vampires.

I’ve been in contact with them, and visited some of their locations and saw for myself what they have to offer, and also, collaborated with them, offering them the manifesto on vampires that I’ve written (you can find it in the documents section of this blog).

I think you should pay their website a visit, because they confirm 100% of the facts that I’ve listed here. I only worked with them specifically because of that thing, the fact that they had everything right, that led me to believe they really were on to something, and after visiting them, I’ve been more than amazed. This is their website. Mind you, if you really, really want hard evidence, besides what I’ve left here for you, places to go, things too see, you can visit any location of the QVRC – you just have to make an appointment with them and go see for yourself. I shit you not, it’s worth it.

  • Next up is this thing. A creepy pasta story. For those of you who know what creepy past is, good. For those who don’t, Google it.

Now, this story was posted way before I posted on my blog that part of the story. I need to tell you, this story managed to creep me out more than it should have.

What’s the story about? It’s about a guy who actually followed me and Regina, years ago, when we were in Sweden, into the church, and then wrote the whole thing as a creepy pasta and posted it on the internet.

You can actually read that part of the story (through my eyes) here. And then (or before) read the part of the story written but somebody else who actually followed us. I was amazed when I found this thing, and I remember I really, really felt somebody was watching me back then. But that’s another story. What’s interesting here is that you have the account of the same event, told by two different persons. One is me, and the other one is the Swedish guy. I have tried to take a hold of him, source the photo, contact the owner of the website where the creepy pasta was posted and ask for e-mail, but to no avail.

  • The last part of this post is about another blog, which I’ve recently been contacted by, and started collaborating. This blog was started before my blog, by a person who makes no real efforts to stay hidden or anything of the sorts.

It is a blog about a girl, with the exact same description as Regina, being categorized as a time traveler, who skips through time and appears and disappears in different places, looking the same. Also, this blog talks about, what I believe, is me, in their latest sighting. Anyone reading that blog would think the guy is rambling, but if you know about my story, and then read his blog, you will be a bit surprised about the accuracy of their facts.

This is the blog where you can read about the whole thing.

As a bonus, I’ll tell you this: I knew these people existed, and Regina did also. They are for real, everything in that story is more or less accurate, as seen through their eyes, and Regina actually had someone to several of their meetings.

I actually told one of my readers from this blog, a month or so ago, this exact same thing. We started discussing more and more and at one point we got to the fact that how is it that Regina was never spotted, and I specifically told him about this.

We talked anonymously, and I don’t have the e-mail initially sent by him, but he knows who he is, and if you’re still reading, please confirm this fact. I have no screen shots of our talk, but a confirmation from you (and to anyone who might contact you) would be welcome.

I’ll be posting the next parts of the story soon, as I’m sure you’re more interested in that, rather than meaningless explanations. However until then, catch-up with the reading of what I posted above.

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§ 32 Responses to promises fulfiled

  • Barrett says:

    Did you ever run into any Hunters of any kind? or a similar organization of the sort?

    • sapindale says:

      Yes, not hunters as in “killers” or “violent” but more as in people obsessed or way to interested in the subject, willing to go to great lengths to get more information.

  • fail says:

    Man, you take forever to post stuff. And I honestly think you made the QVRC as well as the creepy pasta yourself. What kind of research center uses blog spot for a website?

    • sapindale says:

      I don’t know what kind of research center has a blog for a website. Maybe the kind with no money? I assure you that blog is not mine. Write to them, call them, go visit them. As for the creepy pasta, it was posted and present online way before (years) creating this blog.

  • fail says:

    Damn, you know it’s true. Don’t be scared.

  • Anonymous says:

    Where are you??

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ve read this saga until now, and I must say, through much doubt, I am fully convinced you know what the hell you’re talking about. Which makes me even more interested in the Black Eyed Children.

    Have you discussed them with Regina? Have you discussed extraterrestrials? There is so much to know…

    • sapindale says:

      I think Regina would have the same amount of knowledge or faith in extraterestrials as she has in religion. Although we did pursue the black eyed children subject extensively, and without offering too much of a spoiler, they will be a big part of this story later on.

  • Anon says:

    hope you’re okay and there’s an update soon! it’s been a while :/ wishing you the best. very interesting account, I’m hooked.

  • Nikki says:

    You haven’t posted anything in awhile. Are you ok? I’d at least like to know if all is well and you’re alright. I enjoy your blog very much.

    Take care.

  • Aussie Dingo says:

    So I enjoyed your story so far but been waiting for the next instalment. Hoping you are well and simply too busy to write. Let us know either way. Good luck and take care

  • Hey, Are you ok?? Missing your posts. Need to learn more.

  • Chin says:

    I just finished reading the whole story , im dissapointed to say theres no more. But Sincerely appreciate your sharing.The last post which is above was 3 months ago … i do hope you update as soon as possible.

    • sapindale says:

      There’s more. Much more. At least triple of what it is until now. This story and the readers here are in for the long haul. This is a story you’ll finish to read in another two or three years, so hang on tight and enojy the ride.

  • Anonymous says:


  • Anonymous says:

    How i wish you would plz update soon, How many years of me using the internet yet i never bothered to read a single blog until this…

  • I guess they found you, RIP.

  • Anon says:

    any update soon? hope all is well.

  • Pinki Pi says:

    Did you contact the guy that wrote that blog and tell him what you know or at least link him your blog?

    I’m curios about the black eyed children. That’s the subject that brought me to your blog. A google search on BECs.

    Must admit Im a little scared about the subject. Frightened one might knock on my window.

  • foxy says:

    Actually several articles and blog commentors recommended your blog regarding the black eyed children which is the actual reason why I am reading. And regarding Regina in the late1990s to 2004 was she in New Jersey and New York area? And no I’ve never meant her just looking at the picture, comments made through out my life of haven’t we’ve meant before and me always saying No. Especially when I was 16 to 18 years old. Maybe many people share my common features high cheek bones, full lips, (german nose), when anemic I turn pale, big brown eyes, and thick eye brows, and brown hair. I have many european hertiage in my blood. Do I believe your story that is for me to know, Do I believe in vampires, always have.

  • Mohan singh says:

    I Have a question. If vampire really exist. Are they everywhere in world or any specific area. Are the gud or nt

    • sapindale says:

      They have been a part of cultures all across the world for centuries, so my guess is yes. But on the other hand, as explained in the blog, there are established territories where the majority operates, and there are other lands where there is no territory established. Those who go there and remain there, do so on their own terms and according to their own means. The majority is concentrated in Europe, as seen also in history, but I’m sure you can find loners wandering the corners from India to coasts of Alaska.

      As for your last question, that’s for you to decide.

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