10 more things you should know about vampires [list]

February 19, 2012 § 3 Comments

continuing the tradition and keeping my promise, I’m continuing the last list with another part which includes 10 more things you should know about vampires.

10 more things you should know about vampire [list]

1.) Seeing your blood or any blood for that matter will not arouse or expose a vampire, unless really hungry. They can control themselves as well as you can. There’s nothing different between you wishing a glass of water and a vampire wishing blood. Her eyes won’t turn and fangs won’t pop out if you cut yourself.

2.) Vampire eyes are not blue, green or yellow. Not cat-like nor any other animal type. They have normal eyes just like you and me, however, they change prior to their fangs coming out and change back afterwards. The eyes are the first thing you notice when they change. The iris gains a reddish color, subtle and almost invisible, but visible. The white turns dark – almost black, in the process looking just like dropping drops of ink, repeatedly, into a clear glass of water, and stirring.

3.) The best way of exposing a vampire is wounding her – the healing cannot be stopped or controlled – a vampire always heals much faster than a human being. Almost in front of your eyes, although not so impressive like you see in the movies.

4.) Vampires are alive – yes – I know, countless movies and books taught you otherwise. But are they “undead” because is it so or because we just wish them to be? Vampires are not dead – they aren’t creatures of hell nor do they run on ‘magic’ – it’s a biological being. Ask yourself this: if they would be dead, like in the movies – then why would they die from being staked in the heart – it doesn’t matter if it’s not beating anyway, right?

No – vampires are livelier than me and you – they often seem more happy – key word ‘seem’ – they have more energy and a general better mood. As far as heartbeat goes – it’s much more rigid than ours, doesn’t change as fast but somehow is different. It can be much slower, almost down to 20 beats per seconds, although I never clocked it, but I do know that it can also go almost double than a human heart, when needed.

A vampire can control its body temperature by pushing blood [more than necessary] in an area, or in her entire body. If you think that’s weird, try it for yourself. You can do this also by holding your breath and trying to push it out in the same time without releasing. That feeling when your head is going to pop off – do this for 10-15 seconds and you will feel your pulse in your head and feel it warmer – much like after an intense workout or a run. Vampires simply learned to do this with other body parts as well. They can and will warm themselves up more than a human body, when needed.

5.) Vampires do not get sick – not from “vampire AIDS” nor from the common cold. They just don’t. Better immune system or totally different blood – such that the viruses can’t survive in them – in the same way that a dog doesn’t get your cold. – discussed larger in the guide.

6.) Vampires are generally more pale – but not by much – only if they didn’t feed for a prolonged period of time. You would be too if you haven’t eaten in two days.

7.) The majority of vampires are not ‘old style gothic creatures’ – on the contrary, they are more determined and make a conscious and active effort to constantly keep up with the times, as such, many live an evolved and state of the art technological life.

8.) Vampires don’t have claws, nor wings. They look like you and me. They are Homo-sapiens, with a twist.

9.) Vampires don’t fly. It’s one thing drinking blood and being stronger, it’s another one defying the laws of physics.

10.) Vampires don’t “hypnotize” or “compel” humans. That’s a very big common misconception. They can however “influence” you, which is nothing magical. It needs years and years of training, its rate of success depends very much on the surroundings and you don’t forget what happened. It’s just like the vampire knows how to look at you and what to tell you exactly, thus managing to persuade you.

Although, I have to tell you – I haven’t met any human being that managed to do that. Vampires have it somehow much stronger and… yes, I have to use the word compelling or mesmerizing. But it’s not magic nor as exaggerated as in movies. You can look away, you do remember what happened. You are just being persuaded, not made to do something against your will.

Example: a vampire will manage to persuade you to let him inside your house, if you don’t know him. However, if you do know him and don’t want to, he has much lower chances of doing so. If you’re afraid of him then his chances are slim to none.

This whole mesmerizing thing goes hand in hand with the charisma of a vampire. They are very good leaders, actors, speakers and have absolutely no inhibitions. These are all traits gained over the years, learned and studied. Life experiences. As such, they gain a tremendous charisma and have a very unique way of just being. That, and their very mesmerizing eyes and gaze upon you, contribute to their influencing power. But not hypnotic.

Make sure to read the guide. Everything in this list and the previous one are discussed largely in the guide.

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