List: 10 things you should really know about vampires

January 25, 2012 § 6 Comments

This is not part of the main story, on which I’m still working hard to make it as readable and understandable as possible. I keep making these 4000 words posts, and I’m trying to break them in half and post more often, but it’s proven difficult to stop mid-way.

This post is a break from that, based on the tens of questions I received and on the feedback, I decided the best thing would be to make a couple of lists with definite things about vampires, that I learned and know about. No fantasy involved and Hollywood-ism involved.

10 things you should know about vampires

(later edit: this list looks childish – but it is what it is. even if this looks like a “how to lose weight in 10 quick steps” list, you asked me to take all of these things from the main story and compile them, so I did. I would rather had not done this, so people read the damn story instead, but I realize some don’t have the time to read that)

1.) They walk in the sunlight. The idea that they burn in the sunlight is more than welcome in their world, and they try to keep it up. Dracula himself walked in the sunlight, as portrayed in Bram Stoker’s novel. Other serious writings also portray vampires as walking in the sunlight. The only drawback they have by doing this is the fact that they need to feed more often and they are weakened by the sunlight. Almost human I would say.

2.) Vampires are not afraid and not harmed by silver. It is for them as it is for you and me. Silver has no magical or chemical properties that repel vampires. It is a myth, introduced by mixing the werewolf and vampire together.

3.) Vampires do not burn and dissolve into ash when killed. They simply die like any human being, except that they heal much faster, as such, the stake (which can be metal or wood alike, it DOES NOT matter) needs to be left inserted in the heart, for a few days, until decomposition is sure to have set in and there is no heart beat to be coming back. Same goes with fire – it needs to be intense and last long. Just setting a vampire on fire does not do the trick, he can heal through it. Only quick method is decapitation. The body then decomposes at a much faster rate.

4.) Vampires do need to be invited inside your home – but not because of magic – instead, because of rules. You would think they have no morals and no rules, false. They do hold dear one single guide-book called the Codex Strigis  which, among others, lists the need to be invited as one of the most sacred. Going over that is punishable by death and few dare to break it. You will find out why later in the story.

5.) Vampires can drink and eat just like humans – they taste and feel exactly like us but do NOT ENJOY the taste, as in: it is felt but not… appreciated. The food provides little to no nutrition. It is barely digested. They gain the same thing from it as a human would gain from drinking blood. Almost nothing, except nausea at times.

6.) There are two types of vampires, which are basically the same but they separate each other based on how they were made – the distinction goes away between two vampires of the same age. The strigoi and the moroi. The strigoi is the true vampire, made the proper way (which is more dangerous, puts the maker at risk and takes longer, cannot be used often) and the moroi is a vampire made out of mistake, haste or pity, quickly and easy. A moroi can also be a child of two vampires, which usually die young and are associated with accounts of severe porphyria, as such, you don’t see many of those apparently. IMPORTANT: This distinction GOES away with age. It does not exist between older vampires, it fades away, it is only relevant when young – because the differences can be seen then, but disappear at a certain age.

7.) The only thing that bothers vampires in regard to garlic is the taste of blood which turns bitter with ingestion of too much garlic. In the same way you can smell another person who has been drinking a night before and smell is coming out through his pores, a vampire can smell and taste you garlic wise. They simply don’t like it – and who can blame them – we all have culinary preferences. They certainly do not run and die from garlic, and will feed on you even if you’re chewing on a garlic, if the situation requires it.

8.) Vampires do not have a big secret society ruled by a shadow council and all that. They do not divide territory and play war games with werewolves and humans in poorly lit rooms. They are too few for that and they would rather blend in and live normal among us. They go by “each man for himself” and rarely associate with one another. Except the top few 10% who do manage a certain organizational form and territorial division. When I mean top, I mean the oldest.

9.) In the same respect, holy water and crucifixes have no effect on vampires. Be serious people. Plus, who said vampires are creatures of hell and not life-giving angels? After all their blood can heal and they can give immortal life. This is open to speculation, but I damn sure don’t see a leech or a mosquito killed by holy water or showing them the cross.

10.) They don’t sparkle. No.

Stay tuned for the next list like this, which I plan on making a regular. All the information in these list is found throughout the story. If you want to know how I know this and how I found it out, read the story. It was not given to me as a list, I did not read it someplace. I asked, saw, and deduced all of this by myself. Read the story. Understand how I know.

All that this list is – is just that – a list, a summary of things I’ve already spoken about in the the story.

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