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1499 German woodcut showing Dracule waide dini...

Before reading any of the posts above, I strongly advise you to read this post first so you can make heads and tails of the whole blog and its point and also, make sure you read thoroughly the “who am I?” page and then come back to read the blog because it’s an important piece of the puzzle.

So without pushing things further – what’s up with this blog?

Well, as I was saying on the “who am I?” page I’m someone who was born and grew up in the same town where Dracula was born. Now you might go and think “Hei, Dracula is a myth” – well yes, the vampire part might be considered to be a myth by popular culture, but he was a real person, Vlad the Impaler – and if you didn’t knew that I suppose you shouldn’t go further and read this blog because it’s of no interest to you – maybe.

This blog was made to depict my life in that town, the things I’ve seen, what I felt and what I heard and how I eventually had to flee the town and the country and fly over a sea, as far as I could.

This blog will contain stories and tales that might be included in a fantasy book – the only difference being – I present to you this stories as facts, as true events that actually happened, how I and more people saw them and wrote about them. Go ahead and think whatever you want about them, I don’t actually care.

I made this blog as a way of being able to tell someone, anyone, about my thoughts and about those events, because those are things that need to be known, things that if you tell someone in their face, will laugh and label you as crazy or a liar.

Let me ask you this: Do you agree that any myth has to have at least a bit of truth in it? Do you agree to the idea that certain myths, actually many myths, were started from a seed, from something, from an event or a belief, and then became stories, then – myths. Do you agree with that? Then you have an open mind.

I didn’t. And I was wrong.

This blog is all that – it’s just a collection of little tales and posts – not necessarily in a chronological order – that I feel I have to tell someone about, tales that for me were events, real events that I lived through, filled with emotions and feelings – for you, they will be tales, because anyone, and they were many, who tried, and are still trying to tell you people what lies beyond your sight, was discarded and regarded by the masses as a lunatic or his stories as pure fantasy and fiction.

Let me ask you something else: what would be the proof that will show you, beyond doubt, that vampires, magic – or supernatural – and demons – black eyed children, among other things that you might or might have not heard about, actually exist? What would it take?

I think I already know the answer – seeing them in front of you. Right?

Because let’s face it – nobody believes in photos these days, they can be faked, of course. Nobody believes in videos either, they also can be faked. Look at the UFO phenomenon. They are all regarded as fake by the authorities. But who are the authorities? Who are the ones that say ‘fake’ and have such a legitimacy that the masses believe, and forget about.

So, what is there that remains, which could prove you the above, beyond any shred of doubt? Seeing them in front of you. I know the feeling – I was exactly the same  – I’ll believe it when I see it. Man, I wished I haven’t said that. Ever…

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